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Tabitha Lenox - Sly, single, spell-casting witch featured on the NBC daytime drama PASSIONS/NBC/1999-2007.

Juliet Mills as Tabitha Lenox, the evil witch - PASSIONS

On the surface Tabitha (a.k.a. "Tabby") appears to be harmless eccentric, but deep in her heart of hearts, she is evil and enjoys inflicting misery on the people of the picturesque seaside town of Harmony, Maine. Tabitha, especially liked breaking up happy couples.

Her favorite families to torment were the Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the Bennetts and the Russells. So why does Tabitha hate them so much? Well, back in the 1600s, (Yes, she's that old) Tabitha was burned at the stake as a witch by the Puritan ancestors of locals Grace, Ivy and Julian. Upon her death, she cursed the residents of Harmony and has done her best to inflict pain on them ever since.

But having been around town for hundreds of years, Tabitha's life was often lonely. Before her Salem days, she reportedly had liaisons with such historical notables as Atilla The Hun. And she's and numerous affairs with the men folk in town.

"Oh, the old spells were the good spells, Tim-Tim. The language is really quite beautiful: 'May Beelzebub's drool seal your eyelids shut.' Ha! They don't write them like that any more, Timmy!"

  -- Tabitha Lenox

In 1999, to assuage her loneliness, she created a living doll called Timmy, and while it lasted, she enjoyed the fruits of their bizarre friendship. When Timmy died, Tabitha renewed her curse of revenge on the town. But instead of killing local Julian Crane, she maneuvered a crazy one-night stand with him and conceived a daughter named Endora in 2003 who is already following in her mother's footsteps.

On occasion, Tabitha tells fortunes to the citizens of the sleepy little harbor town. Her familiar is a cat called Fluffy. She also befriended Kay Bennett who lives next door. Kay eventually moved in with Tabitha to help raise her daughter Endora. Tabith's other relatives are Darin Lenox (father). Samantha Lenox (mother) , and Cousin Harry.

"It wasn't always sunshine and lollipops, Tabitha - but for a crazy old lady, you were okay."

  -- Timmy

When Tabitha is not causing trouble in town she worries about her own troubles. Such as her mysterious glowing "friends" in the basement, a rival witch, Hecuba whom Tabitha imprisoned in a cave hundreds of years ago; Norma, the axe-wielding innkeeper (an insane escapee of the mental hospital) and Charity Standish, the most powerful Standish woman to date.

For years Tabitha's powers kept the Standish women from reaching their full powers, but when she failed to kill Charity Standish, the most powerful Standish woman to date, she was stripped of her own powers.

Initially, Tabitha had burned down Faith's house in Castleton, killing Faith and leaving her daughter, Charity, with amnesia. She then torched a Castleton gas station attendant.

In her efforts to kill Charity, Tabitha has stabbed her with a drug-filled hypodermic, left her on train tracks, hit her with a poker, set her ablaze during a play, rigged the town Christmas tree to electrocute her and tried to behead her at the stroke of midnight at the new year.

"What kind of town, did I get elected to? Houses being sucked into hell, demons attacking, two brothers in love with the same woman..."

  -- Mayor of Harmony

When Tabitha finally failed to kill Charity, she was stripped of her own powers. and in desperation, she tried to kill herself. But you can't keep a evil down, because Tabitha was at again the next year when she tried to prevent Charity and her lover Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald from consummating their love which would bring forth Charity's full potential. But even Tabitha pushing Charity into a mine shaft, and blocking her escape with a boulder didn't work. Tabitha, looks like you've met your match.

[Tabitha imagines being burned alive while Kay, Miguel, Pilar, Eve, T.C., Sam, Grace, and Charity watch]
Father Lonigan:

I condemn you to death for being an evil witch. [sprays her with holy water; Tabitha screams] That's for all the times you called me Father "Blind as a Bat." [laughs maniacally] All right, fellas, nuke her!

[Miguel, T.C., and Sam slowly push her in to the fire while
the women nurse Endora]
Tabitha Lenox: Wait, what about my baby?
Grace Bennett: Oh, don't worry. We're going to teach her to be good.
Charity Standish: I'm going to take her to mass every day.
Tabitha Lenox: Oh, no!
Grace Bennett: And I'm going to teach her to make tomato soup cake.
Tabitha Lenox: No, no, NOOOO!!!

TRIVIA NOTE: The lives of the people of Harmony, Main are chronicle in the book Hidden Passions: Secrets from the Diaries of Tabitha Lenox (2001). The book reveals secrets, gossip, and scandal about the colorful lives of the inhabitants of Harmony, a picturesque New England village. Actress Juliet Mills has played the role of Tabitha Lenox since July 6, 1999.


Cast Credits

Juliet Mills as Tabitha Lenox
Josh Ryan Evans as Timmy (Lenox)
Silvana Arias as Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald
Charles Divins as Chad Harris (#2)
Cathy Jeneén Doe as Simone Russell (#3)
Daphne Duplaix as Valerie Davis Samuel
Andrea Evans as Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane
Galen Gering as Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
Kim Johnston Ulrich as Ivy Winthrop Crane
Justin Hartley as Nicholas Foxworth 'Fox' Crane
Lindsay Korman as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Priscilla Garita as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
James Wright as Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald
Derek Jones as Martin Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald
Sloane Kiley as Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald
Liza Huber as Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop (#1)
James Hyde as Sam Bennett
Brook Kerr as Whitney Russell
Amelia Marshall as Liz Sanbourne
Eric Martsolf as Ethan Winthrop (#2)
Ben Masters as Julian Crane
Colton Shires as Ethan Martin Crane
/ Ethan Winthrop Jr.
Harrison Young as Palmer Harper
Roark Critchlow as Dr. Ackland
Sarah Buhl as Ethan Martin Crane
Thomas Buhl as Ethan Martin Crane
Nicole Cox as Endora Lenox
Cole Kvarda as Endora Lenox
Nick Stabile as Fox Crane

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