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Sea Hag - Tall, masculine looking witch featured in comics/cartoons created by Elzie Crisler Segar since the 1930s.

The Sea Hag - POPEYE Cartoons

The Sea Hag is the archenemy of Popeye the Sailor. Sailing the Seven Seas in her boat "The Black Barnacle," the Sea Hag plunders all in her sight.

When she set her eyes on Popeye the Sailor, she falls in love with him and does everything in her power to make him hers. Unfortunately, Popeye has a girlfriend (Olive Oyl) and besides, the stout and true Popeye would never be one to be fall for such an evil character as the Sea Hag.

Although, years later after constant pursuits and skirmishes with the Sea Hag and her minions, Popeye warms up to the mannish sea-maiden saying "I yam glad she ain't dead -- even if she is a exter bad woman -- hah! If they wasn't no bad women, maybe we wouldn't appreciate the good ones. Anyway, she yam what she yam!"

In her campaign to win Popeye's affections the lovelorn Sea Hag uses Voo Doo; kidnaps Eugene The Jeep; tries to burn Popeye's food supply of Spinach (the fumes energized him, however); transform herself into a duplicate of Olive Oyl - with no success; masqueraded as "Rose of the Sea", a beautiful young seductress; and even helped Popeye's nemesis Brutus take a youth portion to become young, fit and a suitor for Olive Oyl's affections.

The Sea Hag Captures Santa Claus
Santa Captured by The Sea Hag

The Sea Hag's "If I can't have him, no one can" attitude has driven her, on occasion, to even try to kill Popeye, as well. But romantic intentions and unrequited love aside, the Sea Hag (who just wanted to get a man to call her own), was truly a mean person. Case in point: the time she and her vulture sidekick, Bernard planned to ruin Christmas by capturing Santa Claus and burning his sack of toys. Luckily, Popeye thwarted her evil scheme.

Later in their relationship, after chasing Poyeye unsuccessfully for so many years, the Sea Hag even tried to secure the affections of Popeye's hamburger-munching pal Wimpy - again with no success. The Sea Hag's one weakness/vulnerability (besides her affection for Popeye) was the mystical powers of Eugene the Jeep, a strange creature with a bulbous nose who befriended Popeye the Sailor.

The Sea Hag Comic Strip
Comic Strip Illustration of the Sea Hag

TRIVIA NOTE: The Sea Hag character debuted on "Thimble Theater" comic strip in 1929. In 2004, actress Kathy Bates performed the voice of the Sea Hag/Siren in the first-ever Popeye the Sailor Man 3-D CGI animated production Popeye's Voyage: The Quest for Pappy. The storyline follows Popeye's journey to find his long lost father, Poopdeck Pappy, in time for the holidays. As he sails the treacherous Seas of Mystery, he encounters the villainous Sea Hag who is smitten by the hulking seaman and vows to stop at nothing until she steals him away. To imagine what the Sea Hag would look like for real, just take actor Richard Moll, put him in a body length robe, and wrap a scarf around his head.


Voice Credits

Jack Mercer as Popeye
Marilyn Schreffler as Olive Oyl/The Evil Sea Hag
Julie Bennett as Monica
Daws Butler as Wimpy
Frank Welker as Dinky
Hal Smith as Col. Crumb
Frank Nelson as Uncle Dudley
Jackie Joseph as Sandy
Ross Martin as (voice)

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