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Wendy - A "good little witch" featured in Harvey comics and TV/Movie spin-offs.

Wendy the Good Little Witch - HARVEY COMICS

Wendy lives in the enchanted forest with her three aunties: Thelma, Velma and Zelma. Wendy is a cute, blond enchantress and bears no resemblance to the other witches in her family who have warts and green skin.

Wendy travels on a flying broom and uses a magic wand to protect her friends - many of whom are the animals who live in the forest. Wendy's other friends included Casper the Friendly Ghost, Nightmare the Galloping Ghost and The Ghostly Trio.

The Wendy character made her first appearance in the Harvey comic book Casper the Friendly Ghost #20, May 1954. Wendy later headlined her own comic adventures in the Harvey Hits #7 March, 1958. She received her own comic in Wendy the Good Little Witch in August of 1960 and a spin-off Wendy Witch World in 1961.

Wendy later appeared as part of THE NEW CASPER CARTOON SHOW/ABC/1963-69. Her comic ran until 1973. The title was shortly revived in 1974-76 and made a brief return again in 1990-94. Artists responsible for drawing the Wendy character over the years were Steve Mufatti, then Warren Kremer, Marty Taras and Howard Post.

In 1998, Wendy appeared in the live-action film Casper Meets Wendy. The story is a variation of the Snow White tale but instead of an evil Queen, there is an evil Warlock named Desmond Spellman who looks into his magic mirror and receives the bad news that he is no longer No. 1 ("fairest in the land"). Having an attack of vanity, he sends two henchmen to eliminate his competition, namely Wendy the Good Little Witch.

Casper Meets Wendy Movi Poster

To save Wendy, her three aunts (Franny, Gabby and Gert) go into hiding at the Sunny Brite Resort where they lay low and swear off using magic to prevent Desmond from detecting their presence. Here, Wendy meets Casper the Friendly Ghost and the two become close friends despite the traditional belief that ghosts and witches can not be friends. Together, Wendy and Casper formulate a plan to thwart Desmond's treachery.

The films cast included Hilary Duff as Wendy, Cathy Moriarty as Gert, Shelley Duvall as Gabby, Teri Garr as Fanny, George Hamilton as Desmond Spellman, Richard Moll as Jules, Vincent Schiavelli as Vincent, Blake Foster as Jules Jackman, Rodger Halston as Larry Tallby, and Pauly Shore as The Oracle (Mirror). Voice credits included Jeremy Foley as Casper, James Ward as Stretch, Bill Farmer as Stinkie, and Jess Harnell as Fatso.  

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