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Senior Witches - Coven of evil witches who attend the Cloud Tower School of Magic in the dimension of Magix on the children's fantasy WINX CLUB/FOX/2004.

The Senior Witches - WINX CLUB

Originally trained by Professor Gryffin who knew the witches when they were actually nice, the Senior Witches (Darcy, Icy and Stormy) now contemplate plans to create chaos in the universe by using spells of black magic. They are assisted in their endeavors by their monster sidekicks: The Cretian Minotaur, Hunter Troll and Ghouls. Mr. Knut, an Ogre, is the Senior Witches servant. The nemeses of the Senior Witches are the Winx Club fairies (Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna) who attend the Alfrea School of Magic and the Specialist warriors from the Red Fountain School of magic. Although, some of these beings are not loyal to their own kind and secretly work with the witches (a.k.a "The Trix").

Each of the Senior Witches has a particular magical skill.

  • Icy sports long powder-blue hair with a high-rise ponytail. Known as the "witchiest witch" in Cloud Tower, she is the Leader of the Senior Witches. She derives her powers from dead planets and casts frigid ice attacks. Her goal in life is to rule the universe.
  • Darcy has long brown hair and wears stylish purple ensembles. She gets her power from the dark of the primordial void. Skilled with psychic powers, Darcy is adept at manipulating boys. She dislikes fairies.
  • Stormy has dark-bluish frizzy hair and likes to wear red. Ill tempered, she dislikes just about everything and has a penchant for natural disasters, like tornadoes.


Voice Credits

Liza Jacqueline
(as Liza Kaplan)
as Bloom
Caren Manuel as Stella/Darcy
Lisa Ortiz as Musa/Icy/Mitzi
Kerry Williams as Flora
Dani Schaffel as Tecna
Suzy Myers as Stormy
Michael Alston Baley as Saladin
Frank Frankson as Prince Sky
Dan Green as Brandon
Bella Hudson as Daphne
Carol Jacobanis as Professor Griffen
Rachael Lillis as Professor Faragonda
Su Meredith as Professor Griselda
Michael Sinterniklaas as Riven
Stuart Zagnit as Mike
Sebastian Arcelus as Timmy/Palladium
Kayzie Rogers as Vanessa
Matt Hoverman as Codatorta
Oliver Wyman
(as Pete Zarustica)
as WizGiz
Dan Green/Marc Thompson as Mr. Knut
Sebastian Arcelus as Timmy

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