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The Witch - Silly old witch who befriends a young boy named Simon on the children's fantasy comedy SIMON AND THE WITCH/BBC/1987-88.

Elizabeth Spriggs as The Witch

Hugh Pollard as Simon

The Witch Simon

The Witch (that's her name) enjoys Simon's company and consequently wants to join in everything that he does. The opening credits of the show have Simon and the Witch hopping fences and holding up large signs that carry the title of the show. At the end of each show, Simon and the witch can be seen skipping down the road in the end credits.

The series is based on the HarperCollins books written by Margaret Stuart Barry and illustrated by Linda Birch. The titles include Simon and the Witch (1976), The Return of the Witch (1979), The Witch on Holiday (1984), The Witch on Monopoly Manor (1987), The Witch V.I.P. (1987), Simon and the Witch in School (1988) and The Witch and the Holiday Club (1988).

Opening Credits - "Simon and the Witch" 


Cast Credits

Elizabeth Spriggs as The Witch
Hugh Pollard as Simon
Joan Sims as Lady Fox-Custard
C.J. Allen as Valdini, restaurant owner
David Crane as Jimmy
Joe Grossi as Hopkins
Emma-Louise Harrington as Angelica
Naomie Harris as Joyce
Janet Henfrey as Tombola
Ilan Ostlove as Cuthbert
Elizabeth Proud as Miss
Nicola Stapleton as Sally
Sarah Wynter as Mother

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