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Little Wizards - Produced by Marvel Productions Ltd., the 30-minute cartoon series LITTLE WIZARDS/ABC/1987-88 follows the adventures of Prince Dexter whose throne was usurped after the death his father, the king, by a evil sorcerer named Renwick.

Little Wizards

Fearing for his life, Dexter escaped into the forest where he meets a kindly wizard named Phineus and a dragon named Lulu who lived in a large tree.

With their aid, Dexter sought out the legendary Singing Sword with hopes that one day he could reclaim his rightful kingdom. Also helping Dexter were three little magical monsters - the result of magic potion faux paux. The creatures included Winkie, a pink flying girl monster, Gump, a fat orange shape-shifter and Boo, a cowardly creature with the power of invisibility (except for his eyes).


Cast Credits

Charlie Adler as Voices
Joey Camen as Voices
Peter Cullen as Voices
Katie Leigh as Voices
Danny Mann as Voices
Scott Menville as Voices
Amber Souza as Voices 
Frank Welker as Voices

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