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Fury - Black stallion on the live-action Saturday morning western adventure FURY/NBC/1955-60 (syndicated from 1959 under the title "Brave Stallion" then rerun on NBC 1960 - 1966).

Fury - Dell Comics

Fury belonged to an orphaned boy named Joey (Bobby Diamond) who lived at the Broken Wheel Ranch near Capitol City with his foster father, Jim Newton (Peter Graves) and his ranch hand Pete (William Fawcett). Joey was given Fury to teach him responsibility.

Friends of the Broken Wheel Ranch included:

  • William Fawcett as Pete Wilkey, the ranch foreman
  • Roger Mobley as Packy Lambert, Joey's friend
  • Jimmy Baird as Rodney "Pee Wee" Jenkins, Joey's friend
  • Ann Robinson as Helen Watkins
  • Nan Leslie as Harriet Newton
  • William Hudson as Henry Jenkins
  • James Seay as Sheriff Davis
  • Guy Teague as Deputy Sheriff
  • Mike Taylor as Ted/Frankie
  • Lane Bradford as Bart/Verne Clancy

The program began with the narrator proclaiming "Fury!...the story of a horse and the boy who loves him."

Narrator: This is the range country where the pounding hooves of untamed horses still thunder in mountains, meadows and canyons. Every herd has its own leader, but there is only one Fury - Fury, King of the Wild Stallions. And here in the wild west of today, hard-riding men still battle the open range for a living - men like Jim Newton, owner of the Broken Wheel Ranch and Pete, his top hand, who says he cut his teeth on a branding iron.
Joey: [Joey calls] Fury! Fury!
Narrator: Wild as Fury is , that's the one human voice he's learned to love and obey. The voice of the boy who once saved his life. Jim Newton's boy, Joey.
Joey: Fury! [Fury answers Joey's call]
Narrator: Here's a mutual trust and affection that everyone can understand. [shot of Helen on horse] Especially a woman like Helen Watkins, Joey's school teacher  and unfailing champion.
Joey: Kneel down and let me get on you. [Joey mounts Fury]
Narrator: And there they are together, a great wild horse and the only person on earth who can ride him. Joey and Fury.

In reality, Fury was a black American Saddlehorse from Missouri. Trained by Ralph McCutcheon, Fury responded to both hand and voice commands/signals. Originally named Highland Dale, Fury has also been called Beauty and Gypsy.

Cast of FURY

Fury debuted in the movie Black Beauty (1946), a screen adaptation of Anna Sewell's novel and later was featured in Lone Star (1952), Johnny Guitar (1954), Gypsy Colt (1955), Giant (1957), and Wild is the Wind (1958).

Listen to Theme Song

Fury Theme Song Lryics

Fury, Fury
Smartest stallion anywhere
Fury, Fury
Wwhere they need you
You're right there
Every time, I call you
 I hear your call replin'
Then you gallop straight to me
With mane and tail a flyin'

Fury was raised/trained by Ralph McCutcheon, the same trainer of both the Lone Ranger's "Silver" and the Cisco Kid's "Diablo." In 1960-61 Fury was recipient of the PATSY Award for outstanding performances in a TV series.

Born March 4, 1943 (Sire: Liberty Dale; Dam: Marian Highland), Fury died at the age of 29 years.

Cast of Fury

TRIVIA NOTE: According to the book "The Gentle Jungle" (1980) by Toni Ringo Helfer, Fury much older and mistreated was sold by a cowboy to Helfer and his wife who owned Africa, USA an animal preserve in Southern California.

However, according to the Fury web site Broken Wheel Ranch, the stories of Fury being mistreated are erroneous. They point out (based on a photo comparison) that the real Fury was well cared for and that the horse in question referenced in the book was one of the several other horses used as Fury during the series production.

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