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 Horses at a Glance

A - L  /  M - Z

Horse Rider Actor Program
Black Beauty Victoria "Vicky" Gordon Judi Bowker Adv. of Black Beauty  


Brisco County Jr.  

Bruce Campbell

Adv. of Brisco County Jr.

Apache Christopher Kit Carson Bill Williams Adv. of Kit Carson  
Buckskin Christopher Kit Carson Bill Williams Adv. of Kit Carson  
Buckshot Marshal Hickok Guy Madison Adv. of Wild Bill Hickok 
Joker Jingles Andy Devine Adv. of Wild Bill Hickok
Black Stallion Alec Ramsay Richard Ian Cox Adv. of the Black Stallion
Buttercup Annie Oakley   Gail Davis Annie Oakley
Pixie  Tagg Oakley Jimmy Hawkins Annie Oakley


Annie Oakley    Gail Davis

Annie Oakley


Deputy Lofty Craig    Brad Johnson

Annie Oakley


Bat Masterson 

Gene Barry

Bat Masterson

Charger Heath Barkley Lee Majors Big Valley


Nick Barkley  Peter Breck Big Valley
Misty Girl  Victoria Barkley  Barbara Stanwyck Big Valley
Beauty & Sport Adam Cartwright Pernell Roberts Bonanza
Buck Ben Cartwright  Lorne Green Bonanza
Chub, Ginger & Piute  Hoss Cartwright  Dan Blocker Bonanza

Cochise & Paint

Little Joe Cartwright

Michael Landon


White Cloud Brave Eagle Keith Larsen Brave Eagle
Brandy Cheyenne Bodie Clint Walker Cheyenne


The Cisco Kid 

Duncan Renaldo

The Cisco Kid

Loco Pancho Leo Carrillo The Cisco Kid
Worthless the Mule Dirty Sally Fergus Jeanette Nolan Dirty Sally
Blarney Mr. Callahan     Forrest Tucker Dusty's Trails
Freckles Dusty Bob Denver Dusty's Trail
Pecos Wrangler Jane Melody Patterson F Troop
Fury  Joey Newton Bobby Diamond Fury
Champion Gene Autry Gene Autry Gene Autry Show
Marauder Will Sonnett Walter Brennan Guns of Will Sonnett
Buck Marshal Dillon  James Arness Gunsmoke
Buckskin Marshall Dillon James Arness Gunsmoke

Ruth (the Mule) 

Festus Haggen

Ken Curtis


Rafter  Paladin Richard Boone Have Gun Will Travel
Rebel (aka "Prince") Buck Cannon Cameron Mitchell The High Chaparrel
Diablo (also rode Flax & Macado) Manolito Montoya Henry Darrow The High Chaparrel
Soapy Blue Cannon Mark Slade The High Chaparrel
Apollo (a white horse) Lt. Howard Hunter   James Sikking Hill Street Blues


Hopalong Cassidy 

William Boyd

Hopalong Cassidy

Hannibal  Ben Calhoun Dale Robertson Iron Horse
Barranca Johnny Lancer James Stacy Lancer
Buttermilk Joe Riley William Smith Laredo
Cactus Reese Bennett  Neville Brand Laredo
Domino Jeff Miller Tommy Rettig Lassie
Dandy George A. Custer Wayne Maunder

Legend of Custer

Vic (Died at Little Big Horn)  George A. Custer Wayne Maunder Legend of Custer  
Candy Wyatt Earp Hugh O'Brien Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp
Heathcliffe Sheriff Snarky Parker  Puppet Character Life of Snarky Parker
Bunny Laura Ingalls Melissa Gilbert Little House on the Prairie
Gray Horse The Lone Ranger's horse ( before Silver) Clayton Moore The Lone Ranger
Scout (a.k.a. White Feller or Paint) Tonto    Jay Silverheels The Lone Ranger

Silver (Silver was originally called "Dusty" until Silver Cup Bread took over as sponsor)  

The Lone Ranger  Clayton Moore & John Hart The Lone Ranger  
Victor  Dan Reid, The Lone Ranger's nephew   Chuck Courtney The Lone Ranger  

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