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 Horses at a Glance

A - L  /  M - Z

Horse Rider Actor Program
Pegasus Major Charles Emerson Winchester's Polo Pony David Ogden Stiers M*A*S*H


Col. Sherman Potter

Harry Morgan


El Loaner Bret Maverick James Garner Maverick
Gumlegs Cousin Beauregard Maverick Roger Moore Maverick
Mister Ed Wilbur Post   Alan Young Mister Ed
Shiloh Roy Tate Lee Majors The Men from Shiloh
Wagonmaster Col. Alan MacKenzie Stewart Granger The Men from Shiloh
Flicka Ken McLaughlin Johnny Washbrook My Friend Flicka
King Velvet Brown Lori Martin National Velvet
Quick Draw McGraw Quick Draw McGraw Daws Butler Quick Draw McGraw
Rawhide Range Rider  Jock Mahoney The Range Rider
Lucky (aka  "Buster") Dick West Dick Jones Range Rider
Midnight (Cowboy star Tim McCoy also rode a black stallion called Midnight in his western movies) Rowdy Yates Clint Eastwood Rawhide
Papoose Little Beaver Bobbie Blake Red Ryder

Scar (played by John Henry)

Vint Bonner 

John Payne

The Restless Gun  

Blueboy Mark McCain Johnny Crawford The Rifleman
Razor  Lucas McCain       Chuck Connors

The Rifleman  

Buttermilk Dale Evans Dale Evans The Roy Rogers Show
Trigger (a.k.a. "Golden Cloud") Roy Rogers   Roy Rogers The Roy Rogers Show  
Blackie Sgt. Preston  Richard Simmons Sgt. Preston of Yukon
Rex  Sgt. Preston            

Richard Simmons

Sgt. Preston of Yukon

Daisy (the mule) Perkin J. Pat O'Malley Spin & Marty
Dynamite Spin Evans & Marty Markham Tim Considine & David Stollery Spin & Marty
Sailor Sewing ? ? Spin & Marty
Skyrocket  (real name "Popcorn") Marty Markham        

David Stollery

Spin & Marty

Tango Captain Christopher Pike (horse of his youth when he lived in Mojave on Earth. Episodes "The Cage" "The Menagerie." Tango is fond of sugar cubes) Jeffrey Hunter Star Trek
Leo Jim Hardie Dale Robertson Tales of Wells Fargo


Big Bill Longley

Rory Calhoun

The Texan

Thunder Cindy Prescott Melora Hardin Thunder
Tony the Wonder Horse   Moe, Larry & Curley     Three Stooges The Three Stooges
Little Buck Trampas Doug McClure The Virginian
Little Buck Flint McCullough Robert Horton Wagon Train
Amigo (a Pinto) Cordell Walker Chuck Norris Walker, Texas Ranger
Cookie Cordell Walker Chuck Norris Walker, Texas Ranger
Amber Alexandra Cahill Sheree J. Wilson Walker, Texas Ranger
Ringo Josh Randall  Steve McQueen

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Joe Queen Det. Tom "Whispering" Smith Audie Murphy Whispering Smith
Cacao James T. West   Robert Conrad Wild Wild West  


James T. West

Robert Conrad

Wild Wild West

Hobby James T. West Robert Conrad Wild Wild West
Argo  Xena Lucy Lawless Xena: Warrior Princess  
Phantom Don Diego, a.k.a. "Zorro"         Guy Williams Zorro
Tornado Don Diego, a.k.a. "Zorro"     Guy Williams Zorro

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