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Tony the Pony -  Talking puppet horse on the live-action children's fantasy series TONY THE PONY/SYN/1979, that told the story of Jonathan (Randy Yothers, Jr./a.k.a. "Poindexter"), a youngster who experienced various relevant life lessons with his magical friend, Tony the Pony. The series was created by Premore Productions.

TRIVIA NOTE: Tony the Wonder Horse was a funny-looking black horse with a swayback seen on a number of comedy shorts produced in the 1940s and 1950s including those of The Three Stooges. The horse's real name was Nellie.

"Tony the Pony" was a song (4:11) performed by the band Morrissey.

Marx toys made a battery-powered riding horse called Tony the Pony. There is also a band called Tony the Pony from Husavik, Iceland.

"Tony the Pony" was a 48-page children's book written by Lilian Moore and published by Whittlesey House in 1959.






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