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Raid Bugs - The free-spirited bugs (usually cockroaches) who invade kitchen spaces and other living areas in a series of TV commercials produced for S.C. Johnson's insecticide advertisements since 1956.

Bug Dies from RAID Fumes
Raid's deadly fumes killing off a pesky bug

The Raid bugs tremble with fear (voice provided by Mel Blanc) when they set their eyes on the spray can of Raid about to shot its deadly fumes in their direction. As these creepy crawlers run for cover, they usually cry "Run for your lives! It's RAID!!!"

In the 1970s, legendary animator Tex Avery (died in August, 1980) created the artwork for the now popular RAID insect spray ad campaign.

The S.C. Johnson & Sons Inc. was founded in 1886 by Samuel C. Johnson.

Raid Bug Lives up to Raid's trademark Slogan - Kills Bugs Dead

Raid Clock Radio

Raid Insect Spray Promotional Clock/Radio

"Brown & Bigelow" (USA) for Johnsons Wax
deck of cards "Raid KILLS Bugs Dead", 1980

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