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Jiminy Cricket - Jiminy Cricket - Talking insect star of the animated Disney film Pinocchio (1940).

 Jiminy Cricket

The Jiminy Cricket character first appeared in the classic children's book "The Adventures of Pinocchio" written in 1883 by Carlo Collodi.

In the original storyline Jiminy Cricket was stomped to death by the delinquent Pinocchio puppet, only to return as a ghost and conscience of the troubled wanna-be boy. The Disney film version of Jiminy Cricket eliminates the "stomping" of Jiminy but does retain him as Pinocchio's conscience.

Jiminy Cricket wears a black jacket and tails, vest, yellow ascot, brown shoes, blue top hat and a small red umbrella.

At the end of the Disney film, the Blue Fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy and awards Jiminy Cricket with a ribbon and badge that reads "Official Conscience." Jiminy's voice was provided by Cliff Edwards (died in 1971).

Disney's Jiminy Cricket with his 'Official Conscience' Badge

The song "When You Wish Upon A Star" sung by Jiminy Cricket in the film won an academy award. Jiminy also appeared in the film Fun and Fancy Free (1947); and on segments of THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB/ABC/1955-59; DISNEYLAND/ABC/1954-58; and subsequent Disney productions like Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983) as Jiminy reprised his role as a conscience, this time for Donald Duck.

Collodi's Cricket also appeared in the  5-minute marionette short THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO/SYN/1960 produced by Arthur Rankin Jr. (A Video Craft Production). Cricket was referred to as a "me little green grasshopper" by a character named Reginald in the episode "Duck Luck."

Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio - THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO

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