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Skippy the Kangaroo - Intelligent family pet on the syndicated Australian adventure program SKIPPY, THE BUSH KANGAROO/SYN/1969.

Skippy the Kangaroo

Skippy lived with Park Ranger Matt Hammond (Ed Devereaux) and his two sons, Mark (Ken James) and Sonny (Garry Pankhurst) at the Waratah National Park in Sydney, Australia. The Hammond family adopted Skippy when she was found injured along side of a road.

The Skippy stories followed our bouncy hero as she helped protect the game reserve from smugglers, rustlers and escaped convicts. Tony Bonner played macho helicopter pilot, Jerry King.

In 1992, the series was reprised as THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SKIPPY with all new cast members.

Skippy Theme Song Lyrics
(Written by Eric Jupp)

Skippy, Skippy
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Skippy, Skippy
Skippy, our friend ever true.

TRIVIA NOTE: The real Skippy was buried in a national park in New South Wales long ago. The descendants of the original Skippy kangaroos live in a sanctuary in Waratah Park in NSW. A stuffed remains of a kangaroo alleged to be that of Skippy are on display in a hardware store operated by a Mr. Dossetor in the 10 Mitre Store in Shepparton. See also CATTLE: "Merrill...the Bull"

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