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Orkan Language - Robin Williams played Mork, a zany alien from the planet Ork, who visited Earth on the sci-fi comedy MORK AND MINDY/ABC/1978-82.

Mindy McConnell and Mork from Ork - MORK & MINDY
Mindy McConnell and Mork from Ork

The following is a list of a few Orkan words with translations:

  • Bleem  - Distance of a billion light years or 2000 earth years on the planet Ork
  • Brandels or Grebbels - Orkan money
  • Frizbat - Capital of Planet Ork
  • Gleek Recharging Device - Shaped like a small egg used by Mork to recharge his life force every 2000 years
  • Kayo - Okay
  • Krell  - a period of time-5000 Earth years
  • Nimnul - Dummy or Idiot
  • Shazbot! -  Damn! or Drat!, a swear word
  • Na-nu, Na-nu - Greetings/Goodbye

At the conclusion of each show, Mork signed off by twisting his ear and saying "Na-Nu, Na-Nu."). See also GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS: "Mork's Orkan Greeting and Handshake"

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