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Kookie-isms - Gerald Lloyd Kookson, III (Edd Byrnes) was the parking lot attendant for Dino's restaurant who regularly appeared on the detective drama 77 SUNSET STRIP/ABC/1958-64.

Edd Byrnes as Gerald Lloyd Kookson, III - 77 SUNSET STRIP

Kookie, as his friends called him, was a handsome, young hipster who assisted private investigators, Stuart Bailey (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) and Jeff Spencer (Roger Smith) whose office was located next to Dino's Restaurant at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

His colorful beatnik phrases were the highlight of the program. Some examples included:

  • Dreamboats - Pretty girls
  • Stash the chariot - Park the car
  • It's real nervous - Great/terrific
  • Headache grapplers - Aspirin
  • A Washington - One dollar bill
  • Mushroom People - Night crowd
  • The ginchiest - The greatest
  • Piling up the Z's - Sleeping
  • Keep the eyeballs rolling - Be on the lookout
  • Play like a pigeon - Deliver a message
  • A dark seven - Depressing week
  • Antsville - Place crowded with people
  • Smogland - Los Angeles
  • Make with the King's Jive - Speak English
  • Buzzed by Germsville - To be sick
  • Smoggin' in the noggin'- To be confused
  • Bon appetite in Pizzaville - To eat Italian food
  • Endsville - Quitting time

TRIVIA NOTE: Kookie was hired as an investigator during the 1961-62 season. When he left the series, Kookie was replaced by another "cool" character named J. R. Hale (Robert Logan) who had his own gimmicky way of communicating. J.R. "talk" (initial-ese) consisted of abbreviations and initials.

For example, when J.R. wanted to say "Nothing to it" he said, "N.T.I." Other examples: B&S. (Bailey and Spencer); U.A.M. (Unknown At Moment)...get the idea?

See also MUSIC & MUSICIANS: "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb"

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