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Schmoopie - Cloying term of endearment ("You're Schmoopie!" "No, YOU'RE Schmoopie!") heard on "The Soup Nazi" episode of the situation comedy SEINFELD/NBC/1990-1998.

No...YOU'RE Schmoopie!!! - SEINFELD
Sheila and Jerry

When Jerry and his girlfriend Sheila (Alexandra Wentworth) began calling each other "Schmoopie," his friends thought it was just to gooey, especially George Costanza (Jason Alexander), who hated such overt physical displays of affection.

But when George next met Jerry at their local hangout, a competition of affection ensued as Jerry and his date were "Schmooping" all over the place.

George, not to be shown up in the eyes of his girlfriend, began to talk baby talk ("Ooogie-Woogie," "Baby-waby") to his fiancée. A little later Jerry dropped his girlfriend and the normally reserved George was now stuck with supporting his new persona as a touchy-feely, sensitive kind of guy.

Other words of interest that appeared on the SEINFELD show:

  • Anti-dentite - Someone who hates dentists
  • BBO - Smell found in Jerry's car called Beyond Body Odor.
  • Double Dipping: - Using a potato chip twice in a party dip. 
  • Festivus- A winter holiday invented by Frank Costanza
  • Kavorka - Strange animal magnatism possessed by Kramer that works only on Latvian Orthodox nuns.
  • Mimbo - A male bimbo; coined by Elaine.
  • Move, The - What Jerry calls his special "move" while having sex in the bedroom. that involves a headboard and ends with either a pinch or a swirl.
  • Mulva - The name of one of Jerry's girlfriend. Her name rhymes with a female body part.
  • Shrinkage - Describes the male genitals after they have been exposed to cold water, like after a swim.
  • Sponge-worthy - Elaine Benes uses the Today Sponge for birth control. When supplies got limited, she evaluated her sex partners to see if she should use one of the them.
  • Yada, Yada, Yada - Shorthand way of story telling. First, start off with a few lines, then insert "Yada, Yada, Yada" and then conclude the story.

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