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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner /Driver Program
E193742 Plymouth Patrol Car   Offs. Malloy & Reed  Adam-12
ARB-833 White Impala Sedan  V.H. Adderly     Adderly
JBR-813 Red BMW   Melville Greenspan  Adderly
3134-A  Jeep    Adam Troy  Adventures in Paradise
2G-15626 Aviation Fuel Truck    Dominic Santini      Airwolf
1-BOX-70 Jeep Dominic Santini Airwolf
IDT-0406 Station Wagon  Dominic Santini   Airwolf
FIRM-1 Limo   Michael Archangel Airwolf
21MU684  Sedan  Matthew Sikes  Alien Nation
CPE-397 Sedan Dr. James Herriot       All Creatures Great & Small
49NEJJ  Rolls Royce   J.Jonah Jameson    Amazing  Spider-Man
376-KNP Sedan Julie Masters Amazing Spider-Man
KNC-481 Grey Oldsmobile Regency Deacon Ernest Frye    Amen
JL-327    Black & White Ford Galaxie Sheriff Andy Taylor      Andy Griffith Show
M9640 Sedan   Detective Anita King      Angel Street
3X4-919 Sedan   Detective Dorothy Paretsky Angel Street
2DDL-274 Sedan Ann McNeil   Ann Jillian
218-3000  Black & Red GMC Van B.A. Baracus  A-Team
S96-7238 Black & Red GMC Van  B.A. Baracus A-Team
2A22029 Black & Red GMC Van B.A. Baracus A-Team
2E14859  Black & Red GMC Van B.A. Baracus   A-Team
IHG-581 Sedan    Templeton Peck  A-Team
NRB-729   Limo   General Hunt Stockwell    A-Team
UW-4887  Green 1926 Bentley John Steed      Avengers
RX-6180    Green 1926/Speed-6 Bentley  John Steed   Avengers
YT-3942    1927 Racing Green Bentley John Steed Avengers
YK-6871  1928 Green Label Bentley  John Steed  Avengers
UU-3864    Yellow 1923 Rolls Royce Phantom Tourer Mk1 John Steed Avengers    
KK4976   Yellow 1927 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost John Steed  Avengers
WX-887 Olive Green Land Rover John Steed    Avengers
CMU-574A Trojan Bubble Car    John Steed Avengers
GK-3295   Bugatti    John Steed    Avengers
XT-2273  Vauxhall 30-98    John Steed    Avengers
7061-MK White Vauxhall Saloon   John Steed Avengers
NWK-60P Olive Green Jaguar Coupe  John Steed Avengers (New)
WOC-229P  Yellow Rover Saloon John Steed Avengers (New)
TXC-922J  Green Range Rover   John Steed   Avengers (New)
MLR-875P Red Jaguar XJS     Mike Gambit      Avengers (New)
LOK-537P White Range Rover Mike Gambit Avengers (New)
MOC-232P  Yellow MGB Drophead  Sports Purdey  Avengers (New)
OGW-562R Yellow Triumph TR7 Purdey   Avengers (New)
LLC-950P  Yellow & Black Honda Motorcycle Purdey Avengers (New)  
OLR-471P Red Honda Motorcycle Purdey  Avengers (New)
987-CAA Triumph Motorcycle Mrs. Cathy Gale   Avengers
XH054 Triumph Motorcycle Mrs. Cathy Gale  Avengers
HNK-999C Powder Blue Lotus Elan S2    Mrs. Emma Peel  Avengers
JJH-4990 Powder Blue Lotus Elan S2   Mrs. Emma Peel    Avengers
HN-9996     Powder Blue Lotus Elan S2  Mrs. Emma Peel Avengers
SJH-4999D  Powder Blue Lotus Elan S2  Mrs. Emma Peel Avengers
LPH-800D Maroon AC Cobra 428 Tara King   Avengers
PPW-999F  Red Winged Lotus Europa  Mk1 Tara King Avengers
LYP-794D     Mini Moke    Tara King   Avengers
3-KHM  Silver Grey Rolls Royce Mother  Avengers
THX-77F    Brown Mini Moke    Mother   Avengers
938-LYN Sedan  Nick Donovan B.A.D.Cats
264-PPA Sedan    Det. Eugene Nathan B.A.D.Cats
RXR-553    Sedan Convertible Bentley Gregg Bachelor Father
1-78344    1941 Packard Darrin Thomas T. Banacek Banacek
532-BEN   Sedan (a.k.a. "Blue Ghost")    Det. Tony Baretta Baretta
BAR-1 Sedan     John Mannering Baron
BAT-1     Batmobile         Bruce Wayne/Batman       Batman
B-1 Batmobile Bruce Wayne/Batman Batman
2F-3567    Batmobile  Bruce Wayne/Batman Batman
2EF-456    Batmobile  Bruce Wayne/Batman    Batman
TP-6597   Batmobile    Bruce Wayne/Batman Batman
4596-NYD       White Stutz Bearcat     Hank Brackett    Bearcats!
4596-NYD White Stutz Bearcat  Johnny Reach    Bearcats!
CLO-426  Sedan Catherine Chandler    Beauty & The Beast
RSP-801    Red Convertible   Jane Hathaway Beverly Hillbillies
200T-458 Black Porsche Speedster   Dillon McKay Beverly Hills 90210
2BRI-645  1965 Yellow Ford Mustang  Brandon Walsh   Beverly Hills 90210
2GEE645     Sedan   Cindy Walsh  Beverly Hills 90210
18A-4RE Corvette    Steve Sanders  Beverly Hills 90210
4R6-558     Chevy Malibu Convertible Darrin Stephens     Bewitched
TVU-566   Blue Datsun 280-Z Sports  Jaime Sommers  Bionic Woman
806-356   Red Kenworth 18-Wheeler B.J. McKay      B.J. & the Bear
4T-3665     Red Kenworth 18-Wheeler B.J. McKay  B.J. & the Bear
635-608   Red Kenworth 18-Wheeler B.J. McKay   B.J. & the Bear


Sedan  Oz Jackson  B.L. Stryker
CIT-86R Rolls Royce   Kimberly Baskin  B.L. Stryker
DVP-762 Pontiac Convertible   Dennis Booker Booker
PX29190 Sedan  Suzanne Dunne   Booker
200 DIR Chrysler Convertible Mike Brady Brady Bunch
DJF 314 Chrysler Convertible Mike Brady Brady Bunch
TEL-635 Sedan   Mike & Carol Brady Brady Bunch
JOP 745 Chrysler Station Wagon Mike & Carol Brady Brady Bunch
746-AEH    Station Wagon Mike & Carol Brady  Brady Bunch
2AS0043 Sports Car Laird Gibbons     Brand New Life
IC-56    Taxi Cab (#12)     Bernie Steinberg  Bridget Loves Bernie
2ME-A471 Squad Car  Beau Jack Bowman  Broken Badges
S7E 207 (Florida) 1973 Black Dodge Charger Rallye Edition Michael Weston Burn Notice
JZG-063         Rolls Royce Capt. Amos Burke    Burke's Law
JE8-495 Rolls Royce   Capt. Amos Burke  Burke's Law
YRX-656  Sedan Ben & Ria Parkinson Butterflies

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