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License Plates - Vanity
Celebrity Vanity License Explanation
Adams, Don  AGT MAX  Played Agent Maxwell Smart on Get Smart
Borgnine, Ernest   BORG9 Numerical distillation of actor's name 
Carson, Johnny 360 GUY   All around guy
Conrad, William DARNOC   Named spelled backwards
Conway, Tim  11 YEARS  Time he spent on The Carol Burnett Show

Conway, Tim

13 WEEKS  Length of time most of  his TV series lasted
Field, Sally    BRS GRL Burt Reynold's Girl  (When they were dating)
Fox, Michael J     MOOS KAR     Likes to collect Moose stuff   
Foxx, Redd  XXOF  Name spelled backwards
LaLanne, Jack REDUCE    Jack was a fitness instructor
Martin, Dean   DRUNKY  Alleged famous drinker
Shore, Dinah  GRUNK       Name of her dog
Simmons, Richard  YRU FATT   Weight Loss Guru
Waggoner, Lyle MR COOL Carol Burnett's announcer
Weaver, Dennis GURUJI  Hindu meaning "Teacher"
Welk, Lawrence  A1 AND A2    Welk's trademark catchphrase
Wilson, Flip  KILLER  Geraldine's boyfriend

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