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Rewards & Prizes
Amount Person Program
$10,000 Hannibal Heyes & Jed "Kid" Curry (Wanted Poster Reward)  Alias Smith & Jones
$10,000  Joseph Denninger  (Reward for anyone who could prove that he used an accomplice when he performed his mind reading act). Amazing Dunninger
$712.05 Top Prize given to winner on this zany game show talent competition. The award for the daytime version was $516.32  Gong Show


Kung Fu Wanted Poster


Reward offered by Chinese Emperor  or the capture of Kwai Chang Caine, a renegade Shaolin monk who murdered the Royal Nephew. The bounty was $10,000: Alive; $5,000: Dead.  Kung Fu
$1,000 Zorro Reward Poster Reward of 1,000 (later 2,000) Pesos offered or the capture of Zorro, the Robin Hood of Old California Zorro


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