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The 1998 TV special "Behind the Laughs: The Untold Stories of Television's Favorite Comedies" recorded these thoughts on the Fonz and his motorcycle.

Fonzie on his Bike

Ron Howard: They put the character in really as a side character. I think in the initial pilot, ah, Fonzie and I had 5 or six lines of dialog, almost nothing. nothing.
Narrator: At first, Fonzie didn't say much and wore a wimpy looking wind breaker instead of his trademark leather jacket.
Henry Winkler: "So it was really hard to be cool with this limp collar falling down. The network didn't want me to wear leather. They thought I would be associated with crime."
Narrator: "But finally the network relented and the wind breaker was never to be worn again."
Henry Winkler: "I made a promise to myself that I would not comb my hair. Now, of course on the very first day of the pilot, the director asked me to go and comb my hair. So I went to the mirror. I took out the comb and I realized. I don't have to. (Aaaayh!" Your perfect")

"I never knew how to ride a motorcycle. I don't to this day know how to ride a motorcycle. As a matter of fact in the credits I ride up the driveway of the Cunningham home. That was the only time I ever rode the motorcycle uh, and I didn't quite know how to stop it so that I kept going and nearly killed the director of photography and completely smashed into the sound truck."

The Fonz on the Phone
"Aaaay! Fonzie, here"

In a popular culture homage to the classic sitcom HAPPY DAYS, the Comedy Channel's animated cartoon SOUTH PARK referenced the Fonz and his motorcycle on Episode 207: "City on the Edge of Forever" (also known as the "Flashbacks" episode - original airdate: 17-Jun-1998). The episode has the kids trapped on Ms. Crabtree's bus on a snowy cliff. She leaves them to go for help and the kids begin to have dream flashbacks to old episodes (as they remember them). Here is the Fonzie segment:

Cartman: Remember that time that Fonzie jumped over the busses with his motorcycle?
  [Flashback to Happy Days...The people from Happy Days are all there, and Fonzie on his motorcycle]
Girl in crowd: Go Fonzie!
Fonzie: Eeeeyy!
Cartman: You can do it Fonzie!
Stan: We believe in you Fonz!
Fonzie: Eeeyy!
  [Fonzie gets his motorcycle ready, he drives up the ramp and flies over some busses, and then when he's about to get next to the wall, everyone moves away except Kenny, and Kenny's head gets smashed into the brick wall]
Fonzie: Ey. [He starts eating some ice cream]
Stan: Oh my god they killed Kenny!
Kyle: You bastard! [Flashback over]

TRIVIA NOTE: Per the Internet Movie Data Base, the motorcycle driven by 'Steve McQueen' is the same motorcycle ridden by Henry Winkler as Fonzie on "Happy Days"  

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