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Michael Wolff & 'The Posse' - Late night musical group featured on THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW/SYN/1988-93.

Michael Wolff, Bandleader - THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW
Michael Wolff, Bandleader for The Arsenio Hall Show

Somewhere in the beginning of his opening monologue, talk show host Arsenio Hall would acknowledge his five piece musical ensemble which he called the "Posse."

The Posse consisted of musical director and bandleader Michael Wolff (piano/organ); John Bernard Williams (bass guitar); Starr Parodi (Synthesizer); Chuck Morris (Drums) and Peter Maunu (lead guitar).

The Posse's lively music set the party mood with Arsenio Hall often asking the Posse for a funky musical beat while he introduced the nightly line up of guests.

In addition there were running gags involving the band including a poetry moment read by the bald John B. Williams; and mock moments of antagonism and jealousy generated by guitarist, Peter Maunu.

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