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Cheetah Girls - Group of New York City aspiring teenage singers featured on the Disney Channel original movie Cheetah Girls (2003) and sequel movies. Their catchphrase is "It's Cheetah-licious!"

The Cheetah Girls - Chanel, Galleria, Aquanette and Dorinda
Chanel, Galleria, Aquanette & Dorinda

The Cheetah Girls consisted of four aspiring female singers:

  • Galleria Garibaldi (Raven Symoné), the African-American leader of the group. She writes songs and sets the rehearsals.
  • Chanel (Adrienne Bailon), who speaks English and Spanish (her roots are Cuban, Puerto Rican and Dominican).
  • Aquanette Walker (Kiely Williams), an African-American teen with a love of fashion
  • Dorinda Thomas (Sabrina Bryan), the romantic of the group who was raised in a foster home.

With the help and encouragement of Galleria's mom, Dorothea (Lynn Whitfield), the group's manager, the Cheetah Girls hope to make it to the big time. The girls even travel to Barcelona Spain to compete in the "New Voices of Music Festival." to showcase their talents.

"You're a cheetah girl because of who you are, and what's in your heart... and your a pure Cheetah Girl, Por La Vida." -- Chanel

TRIVIA NOTE: Raven Symoné only appeared in the first two movies.  A CHEETAH GIRLS series spin-off was produced, but the four produced  episodes never aired. Outside of the sequel movies, Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams and Dorinda Williams continued as The Cheetah Girls success in concerts, records and TV appearances. 

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