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Doctor Teeth & the Electric Mayhem Band - Wild rock and roll group on THE MUPPET SHOW/SYN/1976-81.

Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band - THE MUPPET SHOW

The band was a parody of the drug-taking, mind-blown heavy metal musicians from the late 1960s. These musical leftovers from the drug culture hung around The Muppet Show because it was a "good gig." Members included:

  • Dr. Teeth (voice of Jim Henson), the group's leader who had very round body and skinny arms. He was a piano player modeled after Elton "Don't Shoot the Piano Player" John.
  • Sergeant Floyd Pepper (voice of Jerry Nelson), a laid back hipster/bass guitar player and the group's verbal representative
  • Zoot (voice of Dave Goetz) an aging, burnt out saxophonist
  • Animal (voice of Frank Oz), the band's drummer and throwback to a hairy Neanderthal who bangs his drums and screams "WO-MAN" Animal like WO-MAN!"
  • Janis (voice of Frank Oz), a stringy-blond-haired female guitar player

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