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The Happy Wanderers - Two Lutonian-American brothers, Yosh (Eugene Levy) and Stan (John Candy) Schmenge who perform polka music on the fictional television station SCTV in the town of Melonville on the comedy SECOND CITY TV/SYN/1977-81.

Yosh and Stan Schmenge - The Happy Wanderers - SECOND CITY TV

"Hello, I'm Yosh Shmenge."
"And I'm Stan Shmenge."
"And we are the Happy Wanderers!"

The  "The Happy Wanderers" was a tongue-in-cheek parody of the Lawrence Welk/Polka phenomenon. Dressed in Leiderhosen and playing accordion and clarinet, Yosh and Stan entertained an elderly audience of fans who came to their Melonville TV show to enjoy their music and the complimentary cabbage rolls and coffee served at each performance.

When Yosh and Stan spoke, the letter "W" came out as the letter "V" due to their heavy old world accents. Leutonia was located on the dark side of the Balkans.

The Schmenge Brothers first TV show was an HBO special called "Strikes, Spares and Schmenges."

Stan and Yosh - The Happy Wanderers - SECOND CITY TV

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