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Lucille the Guitar - The name of the electric guitar owned by B.B. King, the renowned rhythm and blues guitarist/singer. During an interview on the 6/18/90 segment of THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW, Mr. King recalled the story of how he named his guitar Lucille.

B.B. King with his Guitar, Lucille

In his early career, B.B. was working in a small farm town night spot. Two locals got into a fight and knocked over a kerosene-filled container that was used to keep the room warm.

As the container spilled, a river of fire engulfed the area. Suddenly, it was every man/woman for themselves as they exited the burning building.

Quickly realizing, however, that he didn't get his guitar, B.B. returned to the inferno barely escaping with his life as the building collapsed around him. But the mission was accomplished and his guitar was saved.

The next day he found out the fight was over a woman named Lucille. He then dubbed his guitar "Lucille" to remind himself never again to do a stupid thing like running back into a burning building.

TRIVIA NOTE: An episode of the detective series BOOKER/FOX/1989-90 featured a storyline about Lucille being stolen from B.B. King and investigator Dennis Booker (Richard Grieco) from the Teshima Corporation of America being sent to recover the rock and roll icon.

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