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(Boston, MA) Tragedy strikes local school. On February 18, 2002 seven teenagers from Winslow High School met their death in a tragic drunk driving accident. Among those killed was Zack, a youth well know to the student population. He was reportedly a close friend to teacher Ronnie Cooke, a newly hired teacher at the school who has taken his death very hard. Funeral services were held to commemorate their untimely demise.

(Las Vegas, NV) Forensic Unit investigates grizzly murders. Gil Grissom, the boss of the night shift of Las Vegas crime scene investigators is an expert in bugs. Along with his crack investigative crew, that includes female colleague Catherine Willows, the C.S.I. unit (Crime Scene Investigations) attempts to piece together clues left at the scene of the crime and solve the many murders reported in Las Vegas every year. This year alone (2002) Grissom's team has investigated the murder of a Las Vegas photographer whose remains were dumped at a nearby body farm used for corpse analysis, investigated an apparent drug-related death of a sax player at a casino and looked into the murders of four monks who were shot point blank while chanting in a Buddhist temple.

(Cleveland, OH) Department Store holds Baby Contest. Winfred-Louder Department Store, a long standing retail outlet held a "Most Beautiful Baby " contest last month. Among the babies trying to win the contest was Gus Carey, the nephew of Drew Carey, the store's Assistant Director of Personnel. Drew's close and single friends Lewis and Oswald borrowed a baby to enter the contest but soon won the judges disfavor when they proceeded to make the baby do dangerous tricks. In the end,  baby Gus won the contest. Unfortunately, the judges revoked Gus' winning status when the baby flipped the "bird" at the American flag during a photo opportunity. Gus had pick up the finger gesture from his uncle Drew.

(Lancashire, UK) Senior citizen turns private eye. Hetty Wainthropp, a sixty year old married woman has joined the ranks of Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes and the like to investigate strange goings on in the Lancashire region. With the full support of her retired husband and the help of a teenage sidekick, Geoffrey, Hetty matches wits with the best of them. She first wet her appetite for sleuthing while working at the post office. There, she became suspicious of two young people cashing pension checks. Hetty's investigation into the matter proved the two suspects to be nefarious. Inspired by the experience of solving a mystery, Hetty opened up Hetty Wainthropp Investigations. And business is good - in between a nice cup of tea, of course.

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