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This month you are planning a party. Your guests will be popular TV show characters. But there are certain foods that each can not eat or just don't like. Can you match the TV character with the foods they do not like to eat or are allergic to?

Guest   Food
1. Nina Van Horn
(Just Shoot Me)
A. Tomato Juice
2. Whitney Gilbert
(Different World)
B. Soybeans
3. Arthur Fonzerelli
(Happy Days)
C. Poppies
4. Donna Garlund
(Out of This World)
 D. Shrimp
5. Colonel Potter
E. Lobster
6. John Cage
(Ally McBeal)
F. Chocolate
7. Sabrina Spellman
(Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
G. Cheese
8. Nikki Faber
(Spin City)
H. Jello
9. Dr. Mahesh "Bug"
(Crossing Jordon)
I. Liver
10. Jill Taylor
(Home Improvement)
J. Peanut Dip

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