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(Cleveland, OH) Parma resident Drew Carey,  the assistant director of Personnel for the Winfred-Louder Department store recently won a contest whose first prize was a choice of $250,000 or ownership of the Batmobile. Drew refused the cash and took the car. After a slight setback when Drew's goofy friends Lewis and Oswald, stole the Batmobile to cruise to the local mall dressed as Batman and Robin, Drew took a test spin in his roadster. Unfortunately, a few days later, Drew lost the right to own the Batmobile because he inadvertently violated one of the contract rules, namely "defiling the Batmobile. " It appears that Drew and his girlfriend were caught by the police parked in lover-lanes. Their  carrying-on  "in a sexual manner" inside the Batmobile violated a moral clause buried within the contest contract that forbade such acts. Revocation of ownership was swift. 

(Newport, CT) Gladys Kravitz, the neighborhood busybody, insists that there is something strange going on at the Stephens' house. The Stephens, Darrin, an ad executive and his wife, Samantha live across the street from the Kravitzes at Morning Glory Circle. While Gladys Kravitz claims foul play, her neighbor Samantha is in total disagreement. "I don't know what she's talking about. We're just your normal everyday family. Nothing strange ever happens around here. Witch's honor. I mean, Honest" 

(Mayberry, NC) Otis Campbell, well known in town for tipping back the bottle, has once again been arrested for public intoxication. He has been given a few hours in jail to sober up. Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife, is disgusted at Otis' continual misbehavior and the fact that he feels he can just check himself in and out of the jail like it was some kind of hotel or something. Sheriff Andy Taylor, on the other hand, just hopes Otis can get himself clean and move on with his life. In the meantime, Andy's Aunt Bea Taylor still delivers an occasional chicken dinner basket to help ease Otis' incarceration.

 (Honolulu,HA) Weather reports relay the appearance of tropical storm on the horizon. Boaters are warned to return to their docks immediately. The Harbor Master has advised all boats in the vicinity to take extra care. Special effort has been taken to contact Jonas Grumby, the skipper of the charter boat SS Minnow. It apparently set sail on a three hour tour. I repeat - a three hour tour. On board were Industrialist, Thurston Howell the third, his wife, Lovey Howell, a farm girl named Mary Ann, screen star Ginger Grant, high school science teacher Professor Roy Hinkley and ship's First mate Gilligan.

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