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Character Profile of the Month - October 2001

WILSON, Wilson Jr.
(Home Improvement)
508 Glenview Road
Detroit, MI [Edgewood/Royal Oaks]

Earl Hindman as Wilson talks to neighbor, Tim Taylor - HOME IMPROVEMENT

Wilson is the next-door neighbor of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. His face is never fully seen [obscured by a fence or other object].

Born in March, Wilson is a scholar and often shares quotations of famous people while talking to Tim as they stand on either side of their backyard fence [e.g., "I‘m reminded of J. B. Priestley (1894-1984) who said...‘Marriage is like an endless visit in your worst clothes’."].

Wilson has lived an exciting life including a stint as a spy plane pilot in the war, a park ranger, and a semester in Oxford, England where he romanced Jilly Cooper, an English novelist. He attended Greenville School for Boys.

Wilson’s catchphrase is "Hi-dee-ho" and "Howdy, Good Neighbor" and "Hi ho, neighborette" [his greeting to Jill Taylor].

Wilson’s family includes:

  • Scientist father Wilson Wilson, Sr.
  • Wilson’s deceased wife, Catherine [Wilson met her in the Mindo-Nambillo forest of Western Ecuador and married her in November 1969]
  • Free-spirited niece, Willow Branch Leaf Wilson, born in 1971 who lived with him for a time [she‘s dating Vince.]
  • Uncle Nilsson Wilson, a barrel-maker in Stockholm
  • Wilhemina Wilson, Wilbur Wilson, Wilma Wilson, Willard Wilson, Wilfred Wilson; cousins Carl Wilson, Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson [the Beach Boys] and Bob, the black sheep of the family.

Wilson’s many interests included raising spiders, playing the Alpine Horn and writing a mineralogy column about rocks called "Rock Beat" for the Wichita Star.

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