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Earth Angel - Term of endearment referring to Evie Garland (Maureen Flannigan), a thirteen-year-old earthling on the sci-fi comedy OUT OF THIS WORLD/SYN/1987-91. Evie's father, Troy (Voice of Burt Reynolds), an alien from the planet Anterias, often communicated across space to his "Earth Angel" via a special cube that genetically linked the two together.

El-Train - Street name of teenage bully Lionel "El-Train" Johnson (Steven Daniel) a student body president who attended Manhattan High on the sitcom CITY GUYS/NBC/1997-2001. Despite his reputation, the academically challenged El-Train had a heart of gold.

Ellery Queen - Collectively, two writer cousins Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee penned the popular Ellery Queen detective novels. Their protagonist was Ellery Queen, a mystery writer with a penchant for amateur sleuthing who lived at 212A West 87th Street, New York City with his father, police inspector Richard Queen. Over the years three TV adaptations have been filmed. The first version THE ADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN/DUM/ABC/1950-52 starred Richard Hart and later Lee Bowman. In the fall of 1958, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN/NBC/1958-59 starred George Nader later replaced by Les Tremayne and finally Lee Philips. After 16 years, NBC revised the series casting Jim Hutton in the title role of THE ADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN/NBC/1975-76. On this version, near the end of each episode, Ellery looked at the TV audience and asked, "Have you figured it out? Do you know who the murderer is? He then revealed his solution to that weeks crime. The first Ellery Queen novel was The Roman Hat Mystery written in 1929. The character still remains popular today with over 230,000 mystery fans subscribing to the semiannual publication of the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

Ellwood  See - "Sam"

Emma Peelers - Term used to describe the clothing worn by the actress Diana Riggs when she played the karate-kicking secret agent Mrs. Emma Peel on the British adventure THE AVENGERS/ABC/1966-69. See - CLOTHING:"Pants"

Emperor of Ecstasy, The  See - "Connoisseur of Amour"

Enforcer, The  See - POLICE & LAW ENFORCEMENT:"The Untouchables"

Equalizer, The - Disillusioned after years of service with the US Government espionage agency (supposedly the CIA) operative Robert McCall retired and became an urban vigilante assisting the weak or helpless in their struggles against the criminal elements that lurked in the concrete canyons of New York City. This stylish, over fifty do-gooder advertised his services in a simple newspaper ad which read: "Got A Problem? Odds Against You? Call The Equalizer 212-555-4200." He screened the calls for help on his apartment telephone answering machine. Those he chose to help, he never charged. He often called on former associates in the spy trade to assist him on his assignments. Edward Woodward starred as THE EQUALIZER/CBS/1985-89. See also - "Control"


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