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John Wayne's Code of the American Cowboy -Veteran movie actor John Wayne never made a TV series, but his movies have aired on television repeatedly for year and will for years to come. 

John Wayne, aka 'The Duke'

During his long career as a cowboy in movie, he followed a philosophy about life that is revealed in the the "Code of the Cowboy." These rules were recited by Wayne's son, Patrick Wayne at the "Duke's" funeral in June 1979.

1. A cowboy does not judge color of skin, but by character within.
2.  A cowboy always respects a lady and tips his hat to all that pass him by
3. A cowboy stands strong for what the American frontier is all about: Freedom, Truth, Justice and the American way.
4. A cowboy will not be wronged, nor wrongs another. The justice he deems out depends on that.
5. A cowboy is loyal, and hard working and maintains a high ethic.
6. A cowboy loves his country, and will fight for it’s principles and sovereignty.
7.  A cowboy respects his animals and the earth they roam upon.
8. A cowboy is faithful to what is entrusted to him.
9. A cowboy is bound by duty, honor, and gratitude for what God has given him, which includes his friends and family.
10. A cowboy maintains a hidden code in his heart, for all to see.

TRIVIA NOTE: John Wayne appeared on TV as "Himself" on many TV shows and specials through the years. However, his appearance as an actor on TV were very few. Here is a list of those appearances.

  • "Screen Directors Playhouse" ... as Mike Cronin - Rookie of the Year (1955) TV episode
  • "Alcoa Premiere" .... as Sergeant-Umpire in Korea - Flashing Spikes (1962) TV episode
  • "Wagon Train" 60) as General William Tecumseh Sherman - The Colter Craven Story (1960) TV episode (under the name of Michael Morris) 

John Wayne was also offered the part of Marshal Dillon on the CBS  TV series GUNSMOKE. Wayne declined the role but recommended actor James Arness for the part.

[Voice of John Wayne on the first TV episode
aired September 10, 1955]

John Wayne:

"Good evening. My name's Wayne. Some of you may have seen me before. I hope so-I've been kickin' around Hollywood for a long time. I've made a lot of pictures out here, all kinds. Some of 'em have been Westerns, and that's what I'm here to tell you about tonight-a Western. A new television show called GUNSMOKE. When I first heard about the show GUNSMOKE, I knew there was only one man to play in it-James Arness. He's a young fella, and maybe new to some of you, but I've worked with him, and I predict he'll be a big star. And now I'm proud to present GUNSMOKE."

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