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Program Description
Land Of the Lost/ABC/1991-93 Architect & Family Lost In Prehistoric Landscape
Life Goes On/ABC/1989-93 Construction Worker Turned Diner Owner
Life With Lucy/ABC/1986 Hardware Store Owners
Little House On The Prairie/NBC/1974-82 Frontier Lumber Sawmill Operator
Little Men/PAX/1998-99 Boy's School Handyman
Living Single/FOX/1993-97 Building Handyman/Superintendent
Love On A Rooftop/ABC/1966-67 Bennington & Associates Apprentice Architect
Love Thy Neighbor/ABC/1973 Electronics Shop Steward
Mack & Myer For Hire/SYN/1963 Inept Craftsmen
Mama/CBS/1949-56 Carpenter
Mama's Family/NBC/SYN/1983-90 Locksmith
Marker/UPN/1995 New Jersey Construction Worker Moves to Hawaii
Married...With Children/FOX/1987-97 Interior Designer
The McLean Stevenson Show/NBC/1976-77 Hardware Store Owner
Mister Ed/SYN/CBS/1961-66 Architect
The Montefuscos/NBC/1975 House Painter
Murphy Brown/CBS/1988-98 Eccentric "Artsy" House Painter
The New Leave It To Beaver/TBS/DIS/1985-89 General Contractor
The New Lassie/SYN/1989-91 McCullough Construction Company Owner
The New Leave It To Beaver/DIS/TBS/1984-90 Eddie Haskell Construction Co. Owner
Newhart/CBS/1982-90 Inn Handyman/Caretaker
NewsRadio/NBC/1995-99 Radio Station Repairman
On Our Own/ABC/1994-95 Freelance Female Contractor
One Day at a Time/CBS/1975-84 Building Superintendent
One Of The Boys/NBC/1989 Lukowski Construction Co. Employees
Our House/ABP/1960-61 Nine People Pool Money & Rehab Ramschackle House
Our House/NBC/1986-88 Models Photographer For Cathcart Architects
The Outsiders/FOX/1990 Roofer
Parenthood/NBC/1990 House Painter
Partners/FOX/1995-96 Architects
Party of Five/FOX/1994-2000 Carpenter
Peyton Place/ABC/1964-69 Mill Owner
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Female Handyman/Building Super
Popi/CBS/1976 Handyman
Raising Miranda/CBS/1988 General Contractor
Regular Joe/ABC/2003 (Binder Family) Hardware Store Owner
Relativity/ABC/1996-97 Housepainter
Roots: The Next Generations/ABC/1977 Lumberyard Owner
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Four Aces Construction-General Contractor
Secret Lives Of Men/ABC/1998 Remodeling Contractor
Stand By Your Man/FOX/1992 Prestige Patios, Sunroom & Patio Enclosure Builder
State of Grace/ABF/2001-02 Small Furniture Maker in North Carolina
Step by Step/ABC/1991-98 Building Contractor
Still Standing/CBS/2002-2006 Bathroom Fixture Salesman
Still The Beaver/DIS/1985-86 Lambert Construction Company
Struck By Lightning/CBS/1979 Caretaker/Handyman
Super Mario Bros. Super Show/SYN/1989-91 Video Game Plumber Superheroes
Sweet Surrender/NBC/1987 Architect
The Texas Wheelers/ABC/1974-75 General Contractor
Tom/CBS/1994 Welder
Trouble With Father (The Stud Erwin Show)/ABC/1950-55. Custodian/Handyman
The Troubleshooters/NBC/1959-60 Construction Engineers
21 Jump Street/FOX/SYN/1987-91 Chapel Maintenance Man
Twin Peaks/ABC/1990-91 Sawmill Owner
Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place/ABC/1998-2001 Architecture Student
227/NBC/1985-90 Construction Engineer
Under One Roof/CBS/1995 Lumber & Hardware Store Owner
Vinnie & Bobbie/FOX/1992 Construction Workers
The Waltons/CBS/1972-81 Sawmill Operator
We've Got Each Other/CBS/1977-78 Swimming Pool Contractor
When The Whistle Blows/ABC/1980 Construction Workers
Wildside/ABC/1985 Explosives Expert
The Wonder Years/ABC/1988-93 Furniture Maker
The Yeagers/ABC/1980 Loggers/Miners

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