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Education See also "SCHOOLS"

(Teachers, professors, students & related fields)
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Program Description
The Sandy Duncan Show (Funny Face)/CBS/1971-72 Actress/Student Teacher
Sara/CBS/1976 Frontier School Teacher
Saved By The Bell/NBC/1989-93 Bayside High School Students/Teachers
Saved By The Bell: The College years/NBC/1993-94 California University Students
Saved By The Bell: The New Class/NBC/1993-2000 Bayside High Students & Staff
School House/DUM/1949 Elementary School Teacher
The Secret World Of Alex Mack/NIK/1994-98 Jr. High Student Changed By Chemicals
Sesame Street/PBS/1969+ Music Teacher
Shadow Chasers/ABC/1985-86 Georgetown Institute Of Science Anthropology Professor.
She-Wolf Of London/SYN/1991 University Professor Of Mythology
Sibs/ABC/1991-92 8th Grade Civics School Teacher
Silent Witness/BBC/1996 London University Professor/Coroner
Sliders/NBC/1995-97 Physics Professor
Small Wonder/SYN/1985-89 Substitute Elementary School Teacher
Snoops/CBS/1989-90 Georgetown University Criminology Professor
Social Studies/UPN/1997 Woodbridge Academy Headmistress & Teachers
Someone Like Me/NBC/1994 11-Year-Old Student
Something So Right/NBC/ABC/1996-98 Woodbridge High School English Teacher
South Park/COM/1997+ Staff & Children at .South Park Elementary School
Spencer/NBC/1984-85 McKinley High School Student
Square Pegs/CBS/1982-83 Weemawee Central High School Students
The Steve Harvey Show/WB/1996-2002 Booker T. Washington High Music Teacher
Struck By Lightning/CBS/1979 High School Science Teacher
Student Bodies/USA/WB/1997-2000 Students of Edison High School
Sunset Beat/ABC/1990 Cop Works As Selmar City College Part-Time Instructor
Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad/SYN/1994-95 Teenagers Battle Computer Virus
Sweet Valley High/SYN/1994 Twin Teenager Sisters Attend Sweet Valley High School
Teachers Only/NBC/1982-83 High School Teachers & Principal
Teech/CBS/1991 Winthrop Academy Music Teacher, Headmaster/mistress & Students
That's My Boy/CBS/1954-55 College Freshman
Thirtysomething/ABC/1987-91 College Assistant Professor of Classics (Literature)
3rd Rock From the Sun/NBC/1996-2001 Space Alien Poses as Physics Professor
This Is Alice/SYN/1858-59 River Glen Elementary School Student
This Man Craig/BBC/1966-67 Scottish Comprehensive School Physics Teacher
Three's Company/ABC/1977-84 L.A. Technical School French Chef's Program Student
To Rome With Love/CBS/1969-71 American School In Rome English Professor
To Serve Them All My Days/BBC/1980 Upper-Class Boy's School Teacher/Headmaster
Tom Brown's Schooldays/BBC/1973 British Boarding School Headmaster
Today Is Ours/NBC/1958 High School Principal
The Tortellis/NBC/1987 Substitute Public School Teacher
Trouble With Father (The Stu Erwin Show)/ABC/1950-55. Hamilton High Principal
True Colors/FOX/1990-92. Kindergarten Teacher
T.V. 101/CBS/1988-89 High School Teacher & Students
Two Of A Kind/ABC/1998-99 College Science Professor
Undeclared/FOX/2001-2002. High School Dork Plans To Be Party Animal as a Freshman in College
Under One Roof/NBC/1985 McKinley High School Student
The Walrus & The Carpenter/BBC/1965 Septuagenarian Ex-Schoolmaster Lives It Up
The Waverly Wonders/NBC/1978 High School History Teacher/Coach
Welcome Back, Kotter/ABC/1975-79 Faculty & Students Of James Buchanan High
Welcome Freshman/NIK/1991-93 Students & Faculty of Hawthorne High School
Whack-O!/BBC/1959-60; 1971-72 Headmaster of Chiselbury Public School
What a Country/SYN/1986-87 Night School Citizenship Teacher & Students
What About Joan?/ABC/2001 High School Teacher & Music Teacher
White Shadow/CBS/1978-81 High School Physical Education Teacher
Wild Oats/FOX/1994 Fifth Grade Teacher
The Wonder Years/ABC/1988-93 Junior High School Student
Woops!/FOX/1992 English Teacher Survives Nuclear Holocaust
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles/ABC/1992-93 Princeton Professor Lecturer & His Son
The Young Ones/BBC/1982 & 1984 Four Lunatic British Students Share House
Zazoo U./FOX/1990-91 Student & Faculty Of A School For Animals

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