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Magic & Magicians  See also  "Sorcerers, Wizards"  and "Genies"
Program Description
A. Dunster Lowell/SYN/1960 Mindreading Criminologist
Ace of Wands/BBC/1970-72 Magician, Illusionist, Escapologist
The Amazing Dunninger/NBC/ABC/1955-56 Mindreader/Mentalist
The Amazing World Of Kreskin/SYN/1971-75 Mindreader/Mentalist
Baywatch Nights/SYN/1995-97 Tarot Card Reader
Blacke's Magic/NBC/1986-88 Retired Magician Turns Detective
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/WB/UPN/1997-2004 Magic Box Shop (Occult Supplies) 
Dark Knight/CH5/2000 Odo, an Apprentice of the Magician Kazan
E.S.P./ABC/1958 ESP Game Show
Foodini The Great/ABC/1951 Puppet Magician
The Girl With Something Extra/NBC/1973-74 Woman With ESP
Jonathan Creek/THA/1997-2004 Magician/Magic Tricks Inventor
Kuda Bux, Hindu Mystic/CBS/1950 Magician/Mind Reader
The Magic Circus/SYN/1972 Magician/Illusionist
The Magic of Mark Wilson/SYN/1978 Magician/Illusionist
Magic Ranch/ABC/1961 Magician/Illusionist
Magic Land of Allakazam/CBS/ABC/1960-64 Magician/Illusionist
The Magician/NBC/1973-74 Magician/Illusionist
The Magician/FOX/1999 Crimefighting Caped Magician
Mandrake The Magician/SYN/1954 Master Of The Mystic Arts
Mindreaders/NBC/1979-80 ESP Game Show
Mr. Merlin/CBS/1981-82 Sorcerer/Magician
Nanny & The Professor/ABC/1970-71 Magical Governess
Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular/FOX/1998 Weird Magic & Illusions Show
The Seventh Sense/SYN/1978 Hypnotist/ESP
Supergran/TTV/1985-87 Grandmother Hit By Strange Beam & Gets Magical Powers
The Unpleasant World of Penn & Teller/CH-4/1994 Weird Magic & Illusions
What’s Happening!!/ABC/1976-78 Magic Supply Show Owner

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