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Medicine See also  "Chemicals", "Death", "Dentistry", "Orderlies", and "Paramedics"

(Includes Physicians, Nurses, and General Hospital Staff)
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Program Description
L.A. Doctors/CBS/1998-99 Four Physicians Share A Private Practice
Laurie Hill/ABC/1992 Weisman, Kramer & Hill Family Medical Clinic Pediatrician
The Lazarus Syndrome/ABC/1979 Webster Memorial Hospital Chief of Cardiology
Life with Bonnie/ABC/2002-2004 Family Practice Doctor Married to a Talk Show Hostess
Lifeline/NBC/1978 Medical Documentary
Lifestories/NBC/1990 Medical Stories From A Patient's Point of View
The Little People/NBC/1972-74 Jamison Clinic Pediatricians & Office Nurse
The Love Boat/ABC/1977-86 Cruise Ship Physician
The Love Boat: The Next Wave/UPN/1998-99 Cruise Ship Physician
Mad About You/NBC/1992-99 Gynecologist
Maggie/LIF/1998-99 Cardiologist
The Man From Atlantis/NBC/1977-78 Naval Doctor Befriends Atlantian Man
Marcus Welby, M.D./ABC/1969-76 General Practice & Lang Memorial Physicians
The Marshall Chronicles/ABC/1990 Private Practice Physician
The Mary Tyler Moore Show/CBS/1970-77 Never-Seen Dermatologist
M*A*S*H*/CBS/1972-83 4077th M*A*S*H Unit Army Physicians and Nurses
Maybury/BBC/1981-83 Staff Of British Hospital Psychiatric Unit
MDs/ABC/2002-2003 Two Renegade Surgeons & Staff at Mission General Hospital
Medical Center/CBS/1969-76 University Medical Center Hospital Surgeons
Medical Detectives/LRN/1996 Forensic Scientists Solve Crimes
Medical Story/NBC/1975-76 Medical Anthology
Medical Investigation/NBC/2004-2005 Elite government investigation unit (NIH) specializing in sudden, mysterious and dangerous medical outbreaks.
Medicine Ball/FOX/1995 Bayview Medical Center First-Year Resident Physicians
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 Wilshire Memorial Hospital Resident Physician & Staff
Men/ABC/1989 Surgeon
Mercy Point/UPN/1998-99 Alien Physiologist & Staff of Deep Space Medical Facility
Microbes And Men/BBC/1974 Epidemiologists & Virologists
Minor Adjustments/NBC/UPN/1995-96 Orthodontist and Pediatrician
Mr. Peepers/NBC/1952-55 Jefferson City Junior High School Nurse
My Son Jeep/NBC/1953 Physician
Nanny/BBC/1981-83 British Nursery Nanny
The New Doctors/NBC/1969-73 Hospital and Research Institute Physicians
The New Temperatures Rising/ABC/1973-74 Capitol General Hospital Staff
Nightingales/NBC/1989 Wilshire Memorial Hospital Student Nurses
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Physician Assigned To Remote Alaskan Town
Nurse/CBS/1981-82 Grant Memorial Hospital Supervising Floor Nurse
The Nurses/CBS/1962-65 Alden General Hospital Nurses
The Nurses/ABC/1965-67 Alden General Hospital Nurses
Nurses/NBC/1991-94 Miami Community Medical Center Nurses (Third Floor)
Oliver Beene/FOX/2003-2004 Married Dentist (Enjoys Drilling His Two Kid's Teeth)
Open All Hours/BBC/1976 & 1981-82 Nurse Frequented Corner Grocery Store
Operation Petticoat/ABC/1977-78 WW II Army Nurses On SS Sea Tiger Submarine
Our Private World/CBS/1965 Hospital Admitting Room Worker
Out of Practice/CBS/2005-2006 Couple's Counselor and his family members - all  physicians (Plastic Surgeon, ER Doctor, Cardiologist and Gastroenterologist)
Peak Practice/CEN/1993-94 Doctor Returns From Africa & Practices In Rural England
Petticoat Junction/CBS/1963-70 Rural Female Physician
Peyton Place/ABC/1964-69 Nurse's Aid, Internist & Neurosurgeon
Picket Fences/CBS/1992-96 Female Town Doctor & Medical Examiner
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Emergency Room Intern
Police Surgeon/SYN/1973-74 Physician for Toronto Police
The Practice/NBC/1976-77 General Practice Physician
The Practice/GRA/1985-86 London Hospital Doctors & Nurses
Presidio Med/CBS/2002-2003 Doctors of Presidio Medical Group  
Profiler/NBC/1996-2000 FBI Forensic Physician
Providence/NBC/1999-2002 Plastic Surgeon Daughter Returns Home to Veterinarian Dad
The Quest/NBC/1976 Frontier Medical Student
The Quest For The Killers/PBS/1985 Physicians, Epidemiologist Battle Diseases
Quincy, M.E./NBC/1976-83 Medical Examiner
Rachel Gunn, R.N./FOX/1992 Little Innocence Hospital Elective Surgery Head Nurse
Rafferty/CBS/1977 Army Doctor Opens Private Practice Physician
Ramar Of The Jungle/SYN/1952-54 Jungle Physician
Rescue 911/CBS/1989-92 Reality-Based Emergency Events
Road Of Life/CBS/1954 Surgeon
Roc/FOX/1994-94 Harbor Hospital Nurse (Wing-C)
The Rookies/ABC/1972-76 Hospital Nurse
Ryan's Four/ABC/1983 Wilshire Memorial Hospital Physician Supervises Interns

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