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Money  See also - "Banks & Banking"

(Includes Millionaires, Heiresses, and the Well-To-Do)
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Program Description
The Addams Family/ABC/1964-66 Eccentric Millionaire & Family
Amos Burke, Secret Agent/ABC/1965-66 Millionaire Spy
Bare Essence/NBC/1983 Perfume Industry Heiress
Batman/ABC/1966-68 Millionaire Crimefighter
The Betty Hutton Show/CBS/1959-60 Manicurist Inherits Fortune & Three Orphans  
Beverly Hills 90210/FOX/1990-2000 Well-to-do Teenagers at High School & College
Beverly Hills Teens/SYN/1897 Daily Lives of Wealthy American Teenagers
The Beverly Hillbillies/CBS/1962-71 Ozark Hillbilly Family Move To Beverly Hills
B.L.Stryker/ABC/1989-90 Computer Tycoon
Blanding's Castle/BBC/1967 English Lord Emsworth & His Butler
Bless This House/CBS/1995-96 Cashier
Brass/GRA/1983-84 Lives Of Wealthy Businessman's Family & His Employees
Brett/BBC/1971 Writer Turned Tycoon
Brideshead Revisited/GRA/1981 British Aristocratic Anglo-Catholic Family
Bringing Up Buddy/CBS/1960-61 Investment Counselor
The Buccaneers/BBC/1995 Four Women Sail To England To Find Wealthy Husbands
Burke's Law/ABC/1963-66/CBS/1994-95 Millionaire Police Detective
Catherine Cookson's The Mallens/GRA/1980 British Aristocratic Family
Christine Cromwell/ABC/1989-90 Attorney/Financial Advisor To The Rich
Clueless/ABC/UPN/1996-99 Spoiled Rich High School Student
The Colbys/ABC/1985-87 Wealthy California Family
Cool Million/NBC/1972-73 Ex-CIA Agent Turned Wealthy Private Detective
The Cosby Mysteries/NBC/1994-95 Police Forensic Expert Wins Lottery
Dallas/CBS/1978-91 Texas Oil/Cattle Barons
Day By Day/NBC/1988-89 Former Stockbroker
Diff'rent Strokes/NBC/ABC/1978-86 Wealthy Widower
A Different World/NBC/1987-93 Wealthy and Obnoxious College Dormmate
Doc Corkle/NBC/1952 Millionaire Businessman
Down and Out in Beverly Hills/FOX/1987 Clothes Hanger Tycoon
Dracula: The Series/SYN/1990-91 Vampire Business Tycoon
The Duchess Of Duke Street/BBC/1976-77 Duchess/Hotel Proprietress
Dynasty/ABC/1981-89 Oil Millionaire
Easy Street/NBC/1986-87 Vegas Showgirl Inherits Fortune
Falcon Crest/CBS/1981-90 Wealthy Winery Baroness
Filthy Rich/CBS/1982-83. Land Baron & Heirs
The Fifth Corner/NBC/1992 Shadowy Billionaire (a.k.a. "The Hat")
The Forsyte Saga/BBC/1967 Saga of Wealthy Victorian/Edwardian Family
Four Kings/NBC/2006 Man inherits a sprawling Manhattan apartment and shares it with his three best childhood friends
Fresh Prince of Bel Air/NBC/1990-96 Wealthy Black Attorney
Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict/SYN/1997-2002 Millionaire Battles Aliens
Gilligan's Island/CBS/1964-67 Shipwrecked Multimillionaire Couple
Good And Evil/ABC/1991 Heir To Perfume/Cosmetics Empire
Good Advice/CBS/1993-94 Son Of Wealthy Family Takes Job As Lowly Office Boy
The Good Life/NBC/1971-72 Stock Broker & Wife Take Jobs At Fancy Mansion
Grand/NBC/1990 Wealthy Piano Manufacturer
Great Escapes (Trade Winds)/NBC/1993 Pharmaceutical Company Heirs
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper/ABC/1992-97 Brokerage Firm Worker
Hart To Hart/ABC/1979-84 Wealthy Industrialist Owner Of  Jonathan Hart Enterprises
Hearts Are Wild/CBS/1992 Man Inherits Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino
Highcliffe Manor/NBC/1979. Woman Inherits Foundation
Homefront/ABC/1991-93 Exploitive Post-War Industrialist
Hometown/CBS/1985 Wealthy But Unhappy Rock Star
How to Marry A Millionaire/SYN/1958-60 Three Women Seek Millionaire Husbands
Howard's Way/BBC/1985-90 Wealthy World Of The Howard Family
Husbands, Wives & Lovers/CBS/1978 Sanitation Removal Magnate
It's Like, You Know.../ABC/1999 Trust-Fund Millionaire
J.J. Starbuck/NBC/1987-88 Eccentric Billionaire Detective Helps the Troubled
Jeeves And Wooster/GRA/1990-93 Feather-Brained Upper-Class Man & His Valet
Key West/FOX/1993 Assembly-Line Worker Wins Lottery
Kristin/NBC/2001 High-Powered Real Estate Developer
The Last Of The Baskets/GRA/1979 Factory Boiler Tender Inherits Title & Estate
Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills/ABC/1986 Couple Enjoys Newfound Wealth
Lottery$/ABC/1983-84 Millionaire Lottery Winners

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