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Motorcyclists  See also  "Transportation"  
Program Description
Batman/ABC/1966-68 Super Crime Fighters Ride "Bat" Cycles
Biker Mice From Mars/SYN/1993-95 Martian Rodents On Motorcycles
Broken Badges/CBS/1990-91 Harley Riding Female Motorcycle Cop
Dark Angel/WB/2000-2002 Genetically-Engineered Bike Messenger Rides Motorcycle
Dark Justice/CBS/1991-94 Motorcycle-Riding Vigilante Judge
Dead At 21/MTV/1994 Motorcyclists Looks For Cure To Impending Death
CHiPs/NBC/1977-83 State Highway Patrol Motorcycle Cops
Crossroads/ABC/1992-93 Father & Son Motorcycle Across America
Full House/ABC/1978-95 Rock Musician Motorcyclist in a Leather Jacket
Grand/NBC/1990 Small Town Motorcycle Cop
Happy Days/ABC/1974-84 Cool Auto Mechanic Rides a Motorcycle
Masked Rider/SYN/1995-96 Armor-Plated Superhero On A Motorcycle
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 Motorcycle Mechanic/Bike Shop Owner
Nichols/NBC/1971-72 Reluctantly Appointed Sheriff Rides a 1914 Model Motorcycle
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Harley Motorcycle Riding Deejay
One Of The Boys/NBC/1989 Motorcycle-Riding Construction Co. Bookkeeper
Over My Dead Body/CBS/1990-91 Female Obituary Writer Rides A Motorcycle
Renegade/SYN/1992-96 Motorcycle-Riding Bounty Hunter
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Custom Cycles Motorcycle Shop Owner (Sells Harleys)
The Sandy Duncan Show/CBS/1972 Motorcycle Cop Neighbor
The Searcher (Danger Theatre)/FOX/1991 Klutzy Do-Gooder Motorcyclist
Soul Man/ABC/1997-98 Harley Riding Biker Becomes Minister
Step By Step/ABC/1991-98 Motorcycle Mechanic
Street Hawk/ABC/1985 Undercover Cop on Super-powered Motorcycle
Street Justice/SYN/1991-93 Martial Arts Instructor & Crimefighter Motorcyclist
Sunset Beat/ABC/1990 Cops Pose as Bikers (Harley-Davison Motorbikes)
Super Force/ABC/1990-92 Armored Superhero Rides Futuristic Motorcycle
Then Came Bronson/NBC/1969-70 Ex-Journalist Wanders America on Motorcycle
Witchblade/TNT/2000-02 Female Police Detective Drives Motorcycle

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