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Program Description
Lipstick On Your Collar/C-4/1993 1950s Rock Band Drummer
Lost Empires/GRA/1986 British Music Hall Circuit Players
Love & Marriage/NBC/1959-60 Music Publisher
Madame's Place/SYN/1982-83 Band Leader Of  "The All-Divorced Orchestra"
Middle Ages/CBS/1992 Members Of The Rock Group The Deacons
Mr. Belvedere/ABC/1985-90 Traeger's Record Store Worker
The Monkees/NBC/1966-68 The Monkees, a Zany Rock 'N Roll Group
Mork & Mindy/ABC/1978-82 McConnell's Music Store Owner
My Friend Irma/CBS/1952-54 Paradise Burlesque Theatre (Gypsy Tea Room) Violinist
My Wildest Dreams/FOX/1995 Mound Of Sound Recording Studio Employees
New Kids On The Block/ABC/1990-91 Teen Singing Group
The New Monkees/SYN/1987-88 The Monkees, a Zany Rock 'N Roll Group
NightMan/SYN/1997-99 Saxaphonist Moonlights as Hi-Tech Superhero
Normal Life/CBS/1990 Aspiring Rock Guitarist
Open House/FOX/1989-90 Jasper's Bar & Restaurant Lounge Piano Player
Partners In Crime/NBC/1984 Female Bass Fiddle Player Turned Private Eye
The Partridge Family/ABC/1970-74 Pop Rock 'N Roll Group & Manager
Party of Five/FOX/1994-2000 Gifted Violinist
Paul Sand in Just Friends/CBS/1974-75 Bass Violinist
Pennies From Heaven/BBC/1978 Sheet Music Salesman
Pete Kelly's Blues/NBC/1959 Jazz Cornet Player & Leader of the Big Seven Band
Peter Gunn/NBC/ABC/1958-61 Night Club Singer
Pip The Piper/ABC/NBC/1960-61 Magical Piper
Remember WENN/AMC/1996-98 1940s Radio Station Organist
The Righteous Apples/PBS/1980 High School Musicians
Roc/FOX/1991-94 Jazz Trumpeter
The Rock Follies (Rock Follies Of '77)/THA/1976-77 The Little Ladies Rock Group
Rock & Roll/PBS/1995 10-Part Survey of Rock and Roll Music
The Rutles/BBC/1978 Pre-Fab Four Rock Music Group Called "The Rutles"
The Secret World Of Alex Mack/NIK/1994-98 Teenage Saxaphonist
Sesame Street/PBS/1969+ Music Teacher
Sherman Oaks: The Series/SHO/1995-96 Aspiring Rap Artist
The Simpsons/FOX/1990+ Budding Saxophone Player
The Single Guy/NBC/1995-97 "Sound Associates" Recording Studio Engineer
Sliders/FOX/SCI/1995-2000 Former R & B Singer Trapped in Parallel Dimensions
So Weird/DIS/1999-2001 13-Year-Old Girl Travels With 70s Rocker Mom On Tour
The Steve Harvey Show/WB/1996-2002 70s Soul Singer Turned High School. Music Teacher
The Strauss Family/ATV/1972 Lives of Waltz Composer Johann Strauss Sr. & Jr.
Suddenly Susan/NBC/1996-2000 Magazine Music Critic for The Gate
Sugar Time!/ABC/1977-78 "Sugar", a Female Rock 'N Roll Group
Sunset Beat/ABC/1990 Undercover Cop Moonlights As Guitarist for "Private Prayer"
Sweating Bullets/CBS/1991-95 Australian Rock Star Runs Beachside Bar & Dive Shop
Take Five/CBS/1987 Banjo Player/Dixieland Jazz Combo
Take Three Girls/BBC/1969-71 Female Cello Player
Teech/CBS/1991 Winthrop Academy Music Teacher
That 80s Show/FOX/2002 Staff at the Permanent Record Music Store
That Wonderful Guy/ABC/1949-50 Aspiring Songwriter/Valet
Those Two/NBC/1951-53 Pianist
Throb/SYN/1986-88 Throb Record Company Employees
Tunes Of Glory/BBC/1963 Men & Music of Famous Military Regiments
Tutti Frutti/BBC/1987 The Majestics "Scotland's King Of Rock"
Vanishing Son/SYN/1994-95 Violinist Falsely Accused of Murder
Vinyl Justice/VH1/1998 Music Police Search For Bad Music In Home & Car
The Waltons/CBS/1972-81 Aspiring Musician/Songwriter (plays guitar)
What About Joan/ABC/2001 High School Music Teacher
Working Girl/NBC/1990 Secretary Moonlights as Musician
A Year At The Top/CBS/1977 Two Aspiring Rock 'N Roll Musicians
Yes, Honestly/LWT/1976-77 Misogynist Composer
You Take The Kids/CBS/1990-91 Home-Based Piano Teacher
Your Cheatin' Heart/BBC/1990 British Country And Western Singer

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