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Private Investigators  See also "Police & Law Enforcement Agents"

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Program Description
Jake & The Fatman/CBS/1987-92 D. A.'s Investigator
Jemima Shores Investigates/THA/1983 TV Reporter And Part-Time Private Eye
Jesse Hawkes/CBS/1989 Ranger Turned Bounty Hunter
J.J.Starbuck/NBC/1987-88 Billionaire Sleuth
Johnny Midnight/SYN/1959-60 Actor Turned Private Eye
Johnny Staccato/NBC/1959-60 Musician Private Eye
Judge Dee/GRA/1969 British Magistrate Sleuth
Kate McShane/CBS/1975 Investigator For Lawyer
Khan/CBS/1975 Chinese Private Eye
King Of Diamonds/SYN/1961-62 Gem Industry Investigator
Knight Errant '59/GRA/1959 Adventurers-For-Hire Solves Mysteries
Knight Errant '60/GRA/1960 Adventurers-For-Hire Solves Mysteries
Knight Errant Limited/GRA/1960-61 Adventurers-For-Hire Solves Mysteries
Lanigan's Rabbi/NBC/1977 Rabbi Amateur Sleuth
Land's End/SYN/1995-96 Cop Turned Private Eye
The Law and Harry McGraw/CBS/1987-88 Private Eye
Lawless/FOX/1997 Ex-Special Forces Operative Turned Private Eye
Leg Work/CBS/1987 Female Private Eye
Legmen/NBC/1984 Private Eye's Helpers
Lime Street/ABC/1985 Insurance Investigators
The Lone Wolf/SYN/1953-54 Globetrotting Private Eye
Longstreet/ABC/1971-72 Insurance Investigator
Lord Peter Wimsey/BBC/1972-75 & 87 Aristocratic Amateur Sleuth
Lovejoy/A&E/1991 Antique Dealer Sleuth
The Magician/NBC/1973-74 Illusionist Sleuth
Magnum, P.I./CBS/1980-88 Former Naval Intelligence Officer Turned Private Eye
The Mail Story: Handle With Care/ABC/1954 Postal Investigators
Malibu Run/CBS/1960-61 Private Eyes & Part-Time Divers
Man Against Crime/CBS/DUM/NBC/1949-56 Private Eye
The Man From Blackhawk/ABC/1959-60 Insurance Investigator
Man In A Suitcase/ITC/ABC/1967-68 Discredited US Spy Turned Private Eye
Man With A Camera/ABC/1958-60 Photographer Private Eye
The Manhunter/CBS/1974-75 Farmer Turned Amateur Sleuth
Mannix/CBS/1967-75 Private Eye
Markham/CBS/1959-60 Lawyer Sleuth
Martin Kane, Private Eye/NBC/1949-53 Private Eye
Matlock/NBC/ABC/1986-95 Lawyer's Investigator
Matt Helm/ABC/1975-76 "Company" Intelligence Agent Turned Private Eye
Matt Houston/ABC/1982-85 Millionaire Private Eye
McCoy/NBC/1975-76 Con-Artist Sleuth
Me & Mom/ABC/1985 Morgan, Garfield & Hunnicutt Detective Agency
Medical Detectives/LRN/1995-96 Forensic Scientists Solve Crimes
Meet McGraw/NBC/ABC/1957-59 Private Eye
Miami Undercover/SYN/1961 Hotel Investigator
Michael Shayne, Private Detective/NBC/1960-61 Private Eye
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer/SYN/1957-59. Private Eye
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer/CBS/1983-89 Private Eye
Mike Hammer: Private Eye/SYN/1997-98 Private Eye
The Mind Of J.G. Reeder/THA/1969-71 British Investigator For Prosecutor's Office
Misfits Of Science/NBC/1985-86 Teenage Amateur Sleuths
Miss Adventure/ABP/1964 Confidential Investigator For Private Eye Agency
Mr. & Mrs. Mystery/CBS/1949-50 Criminologist Detective
Mr. & Mrs. North/CBS/NBC/1952-54 Amateur Sleuths
Mr. and Mrs. Smith/CBS/1996 Globetrotting Private Detectives
Monk/USA/2002+ Ex-Cop with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Turned Private Investigator Consultant
The Monster Squad/NBC/1976-77 Amateur Criminologists
Moon Over Miami/ABC/1993 Private Eye
Moonlighting/ABC/1985-89 Blue Moon Investigations Female & Male Private Eyes
The Most Deadly Game/ABC/1970-71 Criminologists/Detectives
Murder, She Wrote/CBS/1984-96 Female Mystery Writer Sleuth
Murphy's Law/ABC/1988-89 First Fidelity Casualty Insurance Company Investigator
My Friend Tony/NBC/1969 Criminologist & Detective
My Partner The Ghost (Randall & Hopkirk Deceased)/ATV/1969-70 Ghost Detective
Mysteries of Chinatown/ABC/1949-50 Chinese Amateur Sleuth
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo/NIK/1996-99 Chinese Female Amateur Sleuth

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