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Radio Industry  See also - "Television Industry"
Program Description
The Adventures of Mark & Brian
Real Disc Jockeys On Adventures
Agony/LWT/1979-81 British Call-In Radio Show Host
("a.k.a. an Agony Aunt")
A.L.F./NBC/1986-90 Ham Radio Operator
Almost Grown/CBS/1988-89 Rock 'N Roll Program Director
Boston Common/NBC/1996-97 Harrington College's KMUT "Blues Hour" Deejay
The Bradys/CBS/1990 Female Radio Disc Jockey
Bringing Up Jack/ABC/1995 Sports-Related Radio Talk Show Host
California Fever/CBS/1979 K-Fever, Three-Watt Underground Radio Station Operator
Ellery Queen/NBC/1975-76 Radio Host Of "The Case Book Of Simon Brimmer"
First Impressions/CBS/1988 Commercial Voice-Over Man
FM/NBC/1989-90 Program Director Of Public Radio Station WGEO-FM
Forever Knight/CBS/SYN/1992-96 Vampire Late Night Radio Personality
Frasier/NBC/1993-2004 KTAL-AM Radio Psychologist Call-In Show Host
The George Wendt Show/CBS/1995 Phone-In Radio Auto-Tip Program Hosts
Good Morning, World/CBS/1967-68 "The Lewis & Clarke Show" Morning Disc Jockeys
Hello, Larry/NBC/1979-80 KLOW-AM Radio "Hello, Larry" Phone-In Talk Show
The Highwaymen/NBC/1988 Disk Jockey Radio Host Of "The Dawn Patrol"
His & Hers/CBS/1990 Co-hosts of "Marriage Talk" Call-In Show On KRTM Radio
Homefront/ABC/1991-93 "Lemo Tomato Juice Girl" on Network Radio
Jackson & Jill/SYN/1949 Shortwave Radio Operators
-Call Signs W10GEC & W10GAL
Knight & Daye/NBC/1989 "Knight & Daye" KLOP Morning Radio Show Hosts
Live Shot/UPN/1995-96 TV Sound Technician
The Lucie Arnaz Show/CBS/1985 WPLE-AM "Advice Radio 88" Psychiatrist & Deejay
Martin/FOX/1992-97 Sexist, Wisecracking WZUP Radio Talk Show Host
Midnight Caller/NBC/1988-91 KJCM 98.3 FM  Late Night Radio Talk Show Host
Mr. Belvedere/ABC/1985-90 WBK-AM "Sports Page (later "Sports Rap") Host
Molloy/FOX/1990. KNAP Radio Station Program Director
My Secret Identity/SYN/1988-91 Pirate Radio Station (90 AM) Called Gonzo Radio
Newsradio/NBC/1995-98 Manager & Staff WNYX 585 AM All-News Radio
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Philosophical KBHR Rural Radio Station Deejay
Paradise Bay/NBC/1965-66 Radio Station Manager
Parker Lewis Can't Loose/FOX/1990-92 WFLM-TV (89.8 FM) School Radio Station
Radio Active/YTC/FFC/1998-2001 Teen Deejays At Upper Redwood High Radio Show
Remember WENN/AMC/1996-98 Staff of 1940s Radio Station
Rhythm & Blues/NBC/1992-93 White Deejay at All-Black Radio Station WBLZ
Roomies/NBC/1987 College Radio Station WSAG, 109 FM Deejay "Buddy Midnight"
Shazam!/CBS/1974-77 Radio Station Broadcaster Turned Superhero
Shoestring/BBC/1979-80 Radio On-Air Detective
Talk To Me/ABC/2000 WSJB Radio Station Talk Show Host
Thin Air/BBC/1988 British Female Radio Station Reporter
The Tom Show/WB/1997-98 Local Morning Radio Talk Show Producer
Wings/NBC/1990-97 Airline Terminal Announcer
WKRP In Cincinnati/CBS/1978-82/ Staff Of Rock Radio Station WKRP
WKRP in Cincinnati, The New/SYN/1991-92 Staff Of Rock Radio Station WKRP
A Woman To Remember/DUM/1949 Radio Soap Opera Queen

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