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Shapeshifters  See also  ALIENS - SHAPESHIFTERS
Program Description
The Adventures of Tom Terrific/SYN/1957-59 Magical Boy Can Change Into Anything
Manimal/NBC/1983 Man Transforms Into Any Animal At Will
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/FOX/1993-96 Teenagers Morph Into Superheroes
The Mighty Orbots/ABC/1984-85 Five Robots Combine Into One Super Robot
Quark/NBC/1978 Jean/Gene, Possesses Full Set Of Female & Male Genes
Something Is Out There/NBC/1988 Zenomorph (Shape-shifter) Escapes To Earth
Space: 1999/ITC/1975-77 Maya Of Planet Pyschon, a Metamorph Shape-changer
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/SYN/1993-99 Starship Security Chief Shape-shifter
The Secret World of Alex Mack/NIK/1994-98 Teenager Transformed by Chemical Spill 
Wolf Lake/CBS/UPN/2001-2002 Population of Shape-shifters Turn Into Wolves 
The X-Files/FOX/1993-2002 Morphing Alien Bounty Hunters Sought by FBI Agents


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