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Program Description
The Martian Chronicles/NBC/1980 Expedition to Mars
Masked Rider/FOX/1995-96 Outer Space Prince Flees To Earth & Battles Evil
Meego/CBS/1997 Alien From Planet Marmazon 4.0 Crashes on Earth
Men Into Space/CBS/1959-60. Astronauts On Moon Base
Mercy Point/UPN/1998-99 Deep Space Medical Facility Personnel
Mission Genesis/SCI/1997-98 Clones Sent Into Space To Protect Gene Banks
Moonbase 3/BBC/1973 European Scientific Community Based On The Moon
Mork & Mindy/ABC/1978-82 Alien From Planet Ork Visits Earth
My Favorite Martian/CBS/1963-66 Alien From Mars Stranded On Earth
My Favorite Martians/CBS/1973-75 Three Aliens From Mars Discovered By Earthlings
Once A Hero/ABC/1987 2-D Comic Strip Superhero Enters Third Dimension
Out Of This World/SYN/1987-91 Human Teenager With Alien Father
The Outer Limits/ABC/1963-65/SHO/1995+ Science Fiction Anthology
Pathfinders In Space/ABP/1960 Youngsters Exploits In Space
Pathfinders To Mars/ABP/1960-61 Youngsters Travel To Mars
Pathfinders To Venus/ABP/1961 Youngsters Travel To Venus
The Phoenix/ABC/1982 Alien Stranded On Earth
The Planet Of The Apes/CBS/1974. Astronauts Lost In the Future on Earth
Planet Patrol/SYN/1963 Puppet Galactic Police
The Powers Of Matthew Star/NBC/1982-83 Alien Hides On Earth
Quantum Leap/NBC/1989-93 Scientist Displaced In Time And Space
Quark/NBC/1978 United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol Garbage Ship Workers
Red Dwarf/BBC/1988+ Red Dwarf Mining Spacecraft Lost in Future
Return To The Planet Of the Apes/NBC/1975-76 Astronauts Lost In The Future on Earth
Rocky Jones, Space Rangers/NBC/SYN/1954 Misfit Galactic Police
Rod Brown Of The Rocket Rangers/CBS/1953-54 Galactic Police
Science Fiction Theater/SYN/1955-57 Science Fiction Anthology
The Secret Empire/NBC/1979 Aliens Invade Earth in the Old West
Sliders/FOX/1995-97/SCI/1998-2000 Inter-Dimensional Travelers
Smallville/WB/2001+ Refugee From The Planet Krypton Crashlands On Earth
Something Is Out There/NBC/1988-89 Outer Space Alien Works With Earth Police
Space/CBS/1985 Evolution Of American Space Program
Space: Above & Beyond/FOX/1995-96 Space Marine Troops Fight Alien Invaders
Space Academy/CBS/1977-79 Galactic Space Cadets
Space Cases/NIK/1996-97 Galactic Space Cadets Lost In Space Riff
Space: 1999/ITC/1975-77 Lunar Colony Adrift In Space
Space Patrol/ABC/1950-55 Galactic Police
Space Patrol/NIP/1963-64 United Galactic Organization Puppet Adventure
Space Precinct/SYN/1994-95 Earth Cop Working On The Planet Altor
Space Rangers/CBS/1993 Misfit Galactic Police
Space Strikers/UPN/1995-96 Spaceship Nautilus Battle The Evil Master Phantom
Spellbinder/DIS/1995-96 14-Year-Old Enters Alternate Universe of Peasants & Tyrants
Star Cops/SYN/1991 British Team  of  Police Officers Stationed On Lunar Colony
Star Trek/NBC/1966-69 Voyages of the Starship Enterprise
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/SYN/1993-99 Life Onboard Space Station Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Next Generation/SYN/1987-94 Further Voyages of Starship Enterprise
Star Trek: Voyager/UPN/1995-2001 Starship Voyager Marooned/Lost In Deep Space
Stargate SG-1/SHO/1997+ Scientist Travel Through Space Portal to Planet Abydos
Starlost/SYN/1973-74 Space Ark Adrift In Space
Starman/ABC/1986-87 Alien Returns To Earth To Find His Son
Superboy/SYN/1988-91 Alien From Planet Krypton As A Teenager
Target Luna/ABP/1960 Youngster Travels To The Moon
They Came from Outer Space/SYN/1990-91 Two Aliens Cruise USA In '57 Corvette
3rd Rock from the Sun/NBC/1996-2001 Aliens Take Human Form to Observe Earth
The Time Tunnel/ABC/1966-67 Scientists Lost In Time And Space
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet/CBS/ABC/NBC/DUM/1950-55 Space Cadet
The Tomorrow People/NIK/1993-95 Teenagers Use Telepathy & Teleportation
Tripods/BBC/1984-85 Tripod-Shaped Aliens Machines Dominate Earth
UFO/ATV/ITV/1971-72 SHADO Group Battles Alien Invaders From Space
Ultraman/SYN/1967 Alien Merges Soul With Earthling
Undermind/ABP/1965 "The Sixth Column," Alien Subversives Out To Destroy Society
V (V: The Final Battle)/NBC/1983-85 Reptilian Aliens Infiltrate Human Race
Voyagers!/NBC/1982-83 Alien Monitors Time And Space
War Of The Worlds/SYN/1988-89 Mortexians Aliens Invade Earth
War Of The Worlds: The Second Invasion/SYN/1989-90 Morthraians Invade Earth
WYSIWYG/YTC/1992 Alien Reporters For Intergalactic TV Station Monitor Earth
The Young Sentinels (Space Sentinels)/NBC/1977-78 Super-Youths Help Earth

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