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Program Description
Lassie/YTC/ANI/1997-98 Sporting Goods Store Owner
Laverne & Shirley/ABC/1976-83 Pizza Bowl Pizzeria/Bowling Alley Owner
A League Of  Their Own/CBS/1993 The Rockford Peaches (All-Female) Baseball Team
Learning The Ropes/SYN/1988-89 School Teacher Secretly Moonlights As Wrestler
Life's Work/ABC/1996-97 College Basketball Coach
Listen Up/CBS/2004-2005 Co-Hosts of TV Show LISTEN UP - "Serious Sports Talk"
Los Luchadores/FOX/2000 Trio of Masked Wrestling Superheroes
Love & War/CBS/1992-95 New York Register Female Sportswriter
Love That Jill/ABC/1958 Glass-Jawed Boxer "One Round Callahan" Turned Masseur
Lucas Tanner/NBC/1974-75 Retired Baseball Star Turned Teacher
Mad About You/NBC/1992-99 Buchman's Sporting Goods Store Owner
The Manageress/C4/1989-90 Female Manager Of Struggling British Football Club
Maximum Bob/ABC/1998 Former Synchronized Swimmer
Minder/THA/1979-94 British Ex-Boxer
Mission Impossible/CBS/1966-73 Bodybuilder/Spy
Mulligan's Stew/NBC/1977 High School Coach
My Two Dads/NBC/1987-90 Former Football Player Turns Diner Owner
Nightingales/NBC/1989 Aerobic Instructor/Nurse
Nikki/WB/2000-02 Wanna-Be Professional Wrestler (a.k.a. Cry Baby")
Oliver Beene/FOX.2003 1962 Sports Fanatic Never Without His Transistor Radio
One Day At A Time/CBS/1975-84 Olympia Sporting Goods Salesclerk
One On One/UPN/2001-2006 Black Sportswriter Raises His 15 Year-Old Daughter
One World/NBC/1998 Baseball Player And His Wife Adopt Six Racially Diverse Teens
Outside Edge/CEN/1994-95 British Cricket Club Captain
Paper Dolls/ABC/1984 Tempus Sportswear Owner
Phenom/ABC/1993-94 Teenage Tennis Prodigy & Her Coach
Phyl & Mikhy/CBS/1980 American & Russian Track Stars
Platypus Man/UPN/1995 Female Sportswriter
Prostars/NBC/1991-92 Jockey, Basketball, and Baseball/Football Player Join Forces
Push/ABC/1998 Athletes Training for Olympics
The Roller Girls/NBC/1978 Roller Derby Skaters
The Second Half/NBC/1993-94 Newspaper Sports Columnist
The Secret Lives Of Men/ABC/1998 Three Divorced Men Hangout At Golf Course
Semi-Tough/ABC/1980 Pro Football Players
Seinfeld/NBC/1990-98 New York Yankees Team Executive
Shaping Up/ABC/1984 Health Club Owner
Someone Like Me/NBC/1994 Recreation-Center Pool Swimmer
Sons and Daughters/CBS/1991 High School Football Coach
Sports Night/ABC/1998-2000 Cable News Sportscasters & Crew
Stockard Channing In Just Friends/CBS/1979. Health Spa Manager
Szysznyk/CBS/1977-78 Playground Supervisor
T. And T./SYN/FAM/1987-90 Former Boxer Turned Private Eye For Lawyer
Tall Hopes/CBS/1993 Top High School Basketball Player
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills/USA/1994-95 Cheerleader
Taxi/ABC/NBC/1978-83 Featherweight Boxer
Together We Stand/CBS/1986 Ex-Basketball Player/Coach (a.k.a. "Dunkin' Dave")
Top Of The Heap/FOX/1991 Rolling Hills Country Club Manager & Staff
Trouble With Father (The Stu Erwin Show)/ABC/1950-55 Equipment Manager
Turnabout/NBC/1979 Sportswriter & Wife Magically Switch Bodies
United/BBC/1965-67 British Team & Staff Of Brentwich Football Club
The Waverly Wonders/NBC/1978 High School Baseball Coach
Where's Huddles/CBS/1970 Rhinos Football Team Quarterback & Center
The White Hunter/SYN/1959 Sportsman/Big Game Hunter
The White Shadow/CBS/1978-81 Basketball Star Turned High School Coach
Who's The Boss/ABC/1984-92 St Louis Cardinals Baseball Player/Housekeeper
A Whole New Ballgame/ABC/1995 Baseball Player Turned Sportscaster

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