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Perfume Pretty Barbie - In 1987, the makers of the Barbie doll introduced this fragrance for children to wear.

Perfume Pretty Barbie Doll & Fragrance
Perfume Pretty Barbie

"Perfume Pretty Barbie" was created by Barbie's longtime beau, Ken (a la DYNASTY'S Blake Carrington) as a symbol of his love. The perfume came in the Perfume Pretty Barbie doll box. The doll was manufactured in Malaysia with a ruffled dress that became a long gown. A separate line of dusting powders, hand and body lotion, and shampoo were sold separately.

Barbie Summer Fun Perfume by Mattel
Barbie Summer Fun

Mattel also created other Barbie Women's Fragrances, including:

  • Barbie Aventura (1997)
  • Barbie Free Spirit (2004)
  • Barbie Modelo (1995)
  • Barbie Princess (1997)
  • Barbie Sirena (1997)
  • Barbie Summer Fun (2003)
  • Barbie Super Model

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