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Beach, The - Cologne invented by Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) after swimming with the Polar Bear Club on episode No. 31 "The Pez Dispenser" of the sitcom SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98. As Kramer said "You spray it on. It smells like you just came home from the beach."

Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer - SEINFELD

Kramer's friend Jerry Seinfeld mocked the idea. "You think people are going to pay $80 to smell like dead fish and seaweed? That's why they shower."

On episode No. 51 "The Pick" Kramer confronts Calvin Klein (played by Nicholas Hormann) about perfume plagiarism when Calvin unveiled his own scent called "Ocean" soon after Kramer pitched a similar idea to one of Calvin's executives.

On episode No. 144 "The Nap" Kramer invented a mattress filled with sand that felt "like sleeping on a beach."

TRIVIA NOTE: The term B.B.O./ Beyond Body Odor (a.k.a. "The Beast") was coined on episode No. 59 "The Smelly Car" by George Costanza (Jason Alexander) on the sitcom SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 after George commented on an atrocious smell left in Jerry Seinfeld's car by a restaurant parking valet. Upon smelling the odor, Jerry suggests the formation of a "B.O. Squad" who would search out and scrub down smelly people.

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