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'Hai Karate' Aftershave - Back in the 1960s and 1970s, a lot of companies were using sex to sell their products. One of the more memorable came from the Hai Karate after shave people.

Hai Karate Guy Chops Away at Attacking Girls

ANNOUNCER: "Hai Karate aftershave is so powerful, it drives women right out of their minds. That's why we have to put instructions on self-defense in every package. Hai Karate, the brisk splash-on aftershave the smooths, and sooths, and cools. Hai Karate, aftershave, cologne, and gift sets. Hai Karate, be careful how you use it."

Like the TAG ads of 2005 where women attacked young men wearing their scent, the Hai Karate spots warned their customers to be on the look out for wild women who were adversely affected by the product's seductive lemon-lime scent. Purchasers of Hai Karate received a self defense booklet with tips on how to avoid over-sexed chicks. The fun part of the commercial was seeing dorky guys with dark rimmed glasses karate chopping their way past a throng of lust-filled woman.

Here is a script from one of their ads.


[Whispering] You're at the top secret Hai Karate training school. These trainees are learning how to defend themselves in case they get a Hai Karate! gift set for Christmas.

[Cardboard cutouts of women suddenly pop up as trainees in karate outfits wander through an open field. The men defend themselves with Karate chops.]


[Forceful voice] Hai Karate! There's a cram course on self defense in every package.

[Trainees apply more Hai Karate as three real woman approach from behind. The men turn and defend themselves]


Hai Karate! It's like super mistletoe in a bottle.

[Dorky guy fights off a pack of women. Hai YA

1975 Hai Karate Print Ad

Regis Philbin and Joey Bishop Promote Hai Karate - THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW

Transcript from The Joey Bishop Show

Joey Bishop: Now I'd like to talk to you men about this new aftershave lotion, Hai Karate. [Joey makes a karate chop motion] Just in case you got some now or you get some for Christmas...

Regis Philbin: Remember, never use Hai Karate without memorizing the instructions of self defense that come in every package! You know why it's important?

Joey: It's a commercial. They're kiddin'. The guy in the glasses?

Regis: Nonononono! It's true! Because you see with just a little too much Hai Karate, your girl, no even your wife, can become crazy! And attack you passionately! (Giggles).

Joey: Lay some on me!

[Audience laughs]

Regis: A little bit over there...

Joey: All right, I don't need that much.

[Shouts and whistles from the audience. A bunch of ladies approach and encircle Joey]

Joey: Ha! Ho! Ha! Help me out! Help me out!

Regis: Ha! Ha! Ha!

[Regis splashes Hai Karate on himself and leads away the crowd of crazed women. Joey shouts "He's got it. Go get him! Kill Him! Kill Him!" as the audience laugh and applauds]

Joey: Now, that was a commercial. Without any solicitation at all, young lady, would you mind coming up for just a moment? Now really, you know we do commercials, and sometimes we're terribly unfair, because we don't become familiar with the product. Would you mind for just a moment? I have a little dab of Hai Karate on me. And I want to get an unsolicited opinion. All right? Ok. Now give just little whiff. Is that nice?

Attractive Girl: It's DELICIOUS.

Joey: Is it? [Joey throws a Karate chop at the girl] Ha! Haaaaaaaaa!

Hai Karate Promo Record
Hai Karate Promo

"This special seminar on self defense and scary sounding noises is brought to you by Hai Karate aftershave and cologne.

For those times in your life when you are heavy handed with your regular Hai Karate, careless with your Hai Karate Oriental Lime, or irresponsible with your Hai Karate Oriental Spice. Memorize them. They could be your last line of defense.

Suppose you've just splashed on Hai Karate. You’re sitting down. Reading your Boy Scout manual or working on your butterfly collection, and your girl or, even your wife attacks you from the rear. Here's what you do.

First scream "KAAAL-SHALLA!" This is very important so try it again, "KAAAL-SHALA!" Immediately after screaming, spring backwards, turning a somersault in mid-air and trapping your attacker's head with your ankles. This will break the hold and should get her flustered. At this time, a counter attack is immanent. So be prepared.

As your girl launches a new offensive and leaps at you, hold your ground to the last possible second and shout "FIORRR- HA!" Once again "FIORRR-HA!" Then quickly drop to the floor. As she passes you in the air, give her a stern lecture on the importance of self-control.

By this time your attacker is subdued.. Give her warm milk or a sedative. And try to be understanding. Remember, she's just experience a severe emotional upheaval."

Hai Karate Self Defense Rules

Valerie Leon as a Nurse in Hai Karate Ad
Valerie Leon as a Nurse
 in a Hai Karate Ad

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