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Killer Carrots - Vegetable-size alien probes featured on episodes No. 40 - 60 on the science fiction series LEXX/SCI/1997-2002.

Killer Carrot Inside A Victim - LEXX

On episode No. 40 "P4X" mechanical drones resembling carrots infested Earth and set about inserting themselves into the bodies of mammals with intent of gathering "taste" data to transmit back to their creators so they could categorize what might be good to "eat" when they invaded the planet.

The carrots moved via metallic stalk-like legs and could fly if necessary. They entered the body of their host through the anus. As you can imagine the host was none to happen to have the carrots probe them. The carrot probes then traveled through the body to the forehead, sprouted a third eye and like a puppet master, the carrots controlled their victims thoughts and movements.

On episode #60 "Lyekka vs. Japan" the infestation of carrot probes was deactivated all over the world when the spaceship Lexx blasted the aliens mother ship to smithereens.

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