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Tybo - An intelligent carrot creature (Stanley Adams) who accused Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris) of murdering plants when he picked some flowers for the robot's birthday celebration on the February 28, 1968 episode "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" on the sci-fi adventure LOST IN SPACE/CBS/1965-68.

Tybo the Carrot Alien - LOST IN SPACE

For his actions, Tybo sentences Dr. Smith to be turned into a plant. Shades of celery stalks! Then Tybo imprisons the other members of the Robinson family space expedition inside a greenhouse force field in preparation for their own flora and fauna transmutation. Of course, everybody escapes the hothouse.

In the end, John Robinson (Guy Williams) offers Tybo some water to drink, thus calling a truce of sorts between the animal and vegetable kingdom.

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1997, TV Guide named "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" episode (written by Peter Packer) one of the greatest TV episodes of all times. The episode brought awareness that all living things feel pain and that maybe we should be a bit more open-minded to the issues of other species.

Stanley Adams who played Tybo is also remembered for his role as a swindling space trader ("Wanna buy a Tribble?") in the classic STAR TREK episode "Trouble with Tribbles."

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