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Hill Street Station - Fictional police station featured on the police drama HILL STREET BLUES/NBC/1981-87.


The Hill Street police station was located in an urban ghetto of a large unnamed American City. Its police roster included:

  • Daniel J. Travanti as Captain Frank Furillo
  • Rene Enriquez as Lt. Ray Calletano, second-in-command
  • James Sikking as Lt. Howard Hunter, SWAT Team leader
  • Joe Spano as Sgt/Lt. Henry Goldblume, Public Affairs Officer.

Plainclothes detectives included:

  • Bruce Weitz as Mick "Dogbreath" Belker
  • Kiel Martin as Johnny "J.D." LaRue
  • Taurean Blacque as his partner Neal Washington
  • Ken Olin as Harry Garibaldi
  • Mimi Kuzyk as Patricia Mayo
  • Dennis Franz as Lt. Norman Buntz.

Uniformed officers included:

  • Michael Conrad as Desk Sgt. Phil Esterhaus (later replaced by Robert Prosky as Desk Sgt. Stanislaus Jablonski)
  • Michael Warren as Bobby Hill
  • Charles Haid as Andy Renko
  • Betty Thomas as Lucille Bates
  • Robert Hirschfield as Leo Schnitz
  • Ed Marinaro as Joe Coffey
  • Lisa Tataglia as Robin Tataglia.

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TRIVIA NOTE: The real-life station house used for the exterior shots on this police drama was the Maxwell Street Station (7th Precinct) located at the corner of 14th and Morgan Streets in Chicago, Illinois.

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