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33rd Precinct - The police drama JOE BASH/ABC/1986 starred Peter Boyle as cynical, old NYPD police officer at the 33rd Precinct whose days of walking the beat are soon to end when his nearing retirement kicks-in.

Peter Boyle as JOE BASH
NYPD Officer Joe Bash

Unfortunately, just when Joe thinks his last days on the force will be easy, he is teamed with a new partner named Officer Willie Smith (Andrew Rubin), who is young, eager and full of energy, all qualities Joe no longer possess.

While Joe thinks it is OK to take local gratuities like candy and food from local ghetto merchants or help himself to money discovered in the apartment of a dead person, rookie Smith - who is supposed to learn from his older partner - has reservations to such activities. With Smith around Joe's values are being challenged and  maybe that's a good thing.

For romance, the divorced and lonely Joe finds what love he can with Lorna (DeLane Matthews), a local hooker.

Other officers on duty at the 33rd precinct included:

  • Val Bisoglio as Sgt. Carmine DiSalvo
  • Michael Cavanaugh as Lt. Pendleton

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